Dhahran Tower

Custom service .... the kitchens were tailor-made to meet the tower’s specifications.

Custom service .... the kitchens were tailor-made to meet the tower’s specifications.

Jwico delivers fine fit-outs

December 2010

TOP-QUALITY wooden cabinets and custom-built kitchens that are being fitted at the Dhahran Tower are the workmanship of Jordan Wood Industries Company (Jwico), which has not only provided an extensive line of products but also a comprehensive range of support services to the landmark high-rise.

The expert in residential and office furniture fit-outs was given the full responsibility of coordinating with the project’s managers to identify the kitchen and wardrobe requirements – including the internal layout and space allocation – of the apartments in the landmark high-rise. It was also contracted to design, manufacture and install the kitchens and wardrobes, which were tailor-made to meet the tower’s specifications.

“The Dhahran Tower enjoys flawless planning and creative product selection. The project, a brilliant example of contemporary architectural design, is a valuable addition to Jwico’s project portfolio in Saudi Arabia,” says Makram Qubain, the vice-chairman and deputy general manager of the company.

During the initial stages of the project, the company coordinated with the project’s managers to produce suitable and functional designs for the water drainage and electrical utilities of the kitchens, and arrange bedroom furniture so as to optimise on the space available. It also utilised its extensive expertise in providing the project with all necessary designs, supervision and implementation services.

Since its inception in 1975 in Jordan as a joint venture with Jutlandia Dore, a leading Danish manufacturer of wooden doors, Jwico has established a reputation for quality, customer care, and enjoyed a pioneering position in the household and office furniture investment market.

The tower is a brilliant example of contemporary architectural design, says Qubain.

The company offers a comprehensive range of wooden products that includes fitted kitchens, office and bedroom furniture, wardrobes and doors – all of which are characterised by their quality manufacturing and design to meet the versatile needs of different clients, from hotels to residential and other projects.

Jwico’s ambitions for large-scale regional expansion resulted in the steady growth of its operations, until in 1983 when it became a public shareholding company. This year, its paid-up capital reached $6.35 million, and its fixed asset value rose to $11.31 million. Its expansion plan has involved the construction of buildings and factories covering an area of 18,000 sq m and equipped with state-of-the-art operating equipment and tools, which has doubled its capacity.

In 2008, Jwico established a strategic partnership with Dubai-based Depa, a global interior contracting company that specialises in providing full-scope turnkey fit-out and furnishing to international luxury hotels, yachts, apartments, and other private and public facilities in the Gulf region and around the world.

“Jwico recognised Depa’s proficiency at combining elegant aesthetics with functional designs to create ideal results that meet clients’ expectations,” says Qubain.

He continues: “Jwico’s operations have grown over the years and the company is considered the model provider of quality services not only in Jordan, but in the entire region. Today, it exports regionally to the biggest real estate projects in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Palestine, Syria, and Sudan, among others. The company also extends its expertise to regional clients and partners, increasing its exports to account for 40 per cent of its total sales.”

Jordan’s proximity to Saudi Arabia enables Jwico to serve the kingdom’s market with operational speed and efficiency.

“The two countries have a similar culture, which enables Jwico to have an insight into Saudi clients’ tastes and preferences, assisting it to stay abreast of the Saudi interior design market’s trends, and understand Saudi citizens’ needs,” says Qubain.

Jwico’s team directly supervises and coordinates the delivery of services and project operations in Saudi Arabia to ensure the highest level of efficiency. Trade incentives such as the lack of custom duties, ensure the company’s continued success in the promising Saudi market and enable it to offer the best and most innovative services, he adds.

The company has undertaken numerous partnership projects across the country.

In the Western region, Jwico has supplied more than 30 hotels in Makkah, including Ramada Hotels, with furniture, doors, kitchens and fit-outs for the common areas. Other projects in the region include a Saudi Telecom Company (STC) project, for which it furnished work stations, the Faqeeh Hospital project, where it fitted wardrobes in the wards. Furthermore, the Al Faresi residential project has selected Jwico as its supplier of high-quality kitchens.

In Riyadh, the company is supplying kitchens for Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University project, where the main contractor is the Binladin Group as well as other prominent developments such as the Al Faisaliah Tower and Al Mamlakah. Other Riyadh projects include a staff housing scheme of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and high-profile projects and home kitchens of individual clients.

“Through its rapidly-growing operations, Jwico aspires to position itself as the number one provider of quality wood products in the Middle East area,” says Qubain.

It has achieved consistent success and witnessed further expansion this year, boosting its total sales value to a projected estimate of $20 million for the year. Regional exports are expected to reach $8 million, with the Saudi market accounting for some $3.5 million of this sales value.

“Building upon its success, Jwico will continue to broaden its manufacturing capacity to add new and innovative designs and products under its kitchen, office and bedroom furniture range with the aim of catering to the needs of its individual and project clients across the Middle East,” he concludes.

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