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Abu Dhabi Precast purchased seven Speedy machines.

Abu Dhabi Precast purchased seven Speedy machines.

All-round appeal

February 2011

HAVING built its reputation on years of experience both in the steel fabrication as well as the automation, handling and distribution fields, Bianchi Casseforme is becoming increasingly visible in the Middle East owing to the all-round appeal of its vibration systems, magnets, prestressing equipment, moulds, as well as a comprehensive range of accessories and mobile concrete distribution for the precast industry.

The Italian specialist manufacturer of precast technology now aims to reinforce its presence the region and will be participating at The Big 5 Saudi Arabia this month, where it will showcase its entire range of equipment.

Bianchi’s innovative solutions are manifest in the new generation of vibration systems that encompass both the electric and pneumatic categories. Its selection of electric and pneumatic vibration systems points to its ongoing commitment to manufacture cutting-edge equipment.

“Back in 1970, Mario Bianchi, founder of the company, introduced a series of vibration systems which has since evolved into an extensive and comprehensive range of electrical and industrial solutions to meet the most rigorous demands in today’s and tomorrow’s precast industry,” says a spokesman for the company.

Industrial pneumatic vibrators (VT-VK-VR-AC series) cater for the food and ceramics industries as well as for building sites. All carry Atex certification, confirming their compliance with safety and health protection. The VP series, equipped with cradle lug quick fixing, is mainly used in the production of prestressed and non-prestressed concrete elements.

High frequency electrical vibrators ... suitable for producing concrete elements on formwork or vibrating tables.

“Apart from its remarkably strong and efficient vibration, this series is renowned for automatic and adaptable high frequency which reduces the risk of resonance by continuously gearing the number of revolutions. As a result, annoying and costly damage to the formwork is prevented. This key feature is clearly attracting a wider customer base worldwide, including the Middle East where price considerations are paramount in the decision to purchase,” he says.

For the pneumatic vibrators to provide a high power feed, a standard industrial pneumatic plant must be able to ascertain a 6 bar pressure at the front of the vibrators. A noiseless line of VP vibrators is also available to reduce noise pollution – yet another winning feature in today’s growing sensitivity to on-site working conditions, the spokesman points out.

The industrial use of electrical vibrators, such as in the separation of aggregates, or on precast plants, necessitates high-frequency vibration. This is crucial to guarantee a perfect surface finish of the precast elements as well as a highly-resistant concrete.

Bianchi also supplies high-frequency electrical vibrators suitable for the production of concrete elements on formworks or vibrating tables. A high power feed is provided through invertors, mains frequency, equipped with asynchronous three-phase motors and supported by a robust framework, which guarantees an IP 65 degree of protection or equivalent, he says. Available with plate-type or cradle lug bracket mounting, they combine versatility with high performance.

Turning to the company’s magnets, the spokesman says: “Technological innovation, versatility, ease of application, durability, and efficiency once again stamp Bianchi’s latest version of magnets, magnetic sides and separators. The magnets – which now comprises a range of units with an adhesion force 600, 1,300, 2,000 and 2,450 kg – present a quick solution to locking the side walls and separators for moulds with a powerful yet safe adhesion force that saves time and enhances precision during assembling operations.

“The structural elements added to the magnet further enable linear or angular fixings. In fact, they may be accompanied by slot-type square profiles for side walls, separators or inserts for doors and windows. The quick disjunction is obtained through a simple unlocking lever. Furthermore, the magnets provide ample flexibility when coupled with a multi-purpose angle for different shuttering systems.

“Overall, Bianchi magnets show how a modest investment in quality products goes a long way in terms of production efficiency and viability.”

The sturdiness and user-friendliness of Bianchi’s products together with a competitive price is proving yet another trump card for both the company and its clients in Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Dammam, Kuwait and other locations in the Middle East, says the spokesman.

Concrete distribution
Bianchi’s Speedy is another success story in the Middle East. This compact and user-friendly machine provides a suitable solution for the distribution of wet or dry concrete on sites where space is a constraint. This self-propelling, single-operator machine comes in a range of 1 to 3 cu m capacity and reaches out with a boom of 4 m. “Furthermore, its ecologically-designed diesel engine ensures low fuel consumption and little noise. Soundproofing with expanded acoustic insulation panels, windscreen wipers and an adjustable internal ventilation system also characterise the optional operator’s cabin,” he says.

Speedy’s compact size coupled with its easy maneuverability and safety mechanism made it a hit when it was prominently displayed at the 2007 edition of The Big 5 show in Dubai. Since then, several orders delivered to the UAE and Saudi Arabia are proving its ongoing success in the Gulf region.

A case in point is Abu Dhabi Precast that recently purchased seven Speedy machines to be utilised at its new precast plant in the Mussafah Industrial Estate. Saeed Khalfan Al Kaabi, general manager of Abu Dhabi Precast, has echoed the sentiments of all who have purchased this machine when he stated: “I found the Speedy highly efficient, extremely versatile and user-friendly – a machine that gives value to pre-casters when distributing concrete primarily because it does not interrupt the production process of the concrete while living up to its name in terms of speed.”

Sales enquiries from the Middle East are handled by Philip A Tabone International, which offers a complete package to the concrete industry comprising start-up consultancy, supply of software, heavy plant and machinery as well as engineering services. The Malta-headquartered firm has been servicing the concrete industry for over 40 years and has offices in Libya, Dubai as well as Kuwait.

Bianchi products will be promoted at Philip A Tabone International’s Stand G38 at The Big 5 Saudi Arabia.

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