Badami ... effective protection.

Badami ... effective protection.

AMI products offer long-term protection

Al Muqarram Industry's sealants and adhesive tapes manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities provide a line of defence against weather, corrosion and impact.

May 2014

AL MUQARRAM Industry (AMI), a UAE-based manufacturer of high-quality industrial silicone sealant, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and other products, says it offers a wide range of products that provide protection against the weather, corrosion and impact.

These include systems that are suitable for long-term protection such as its PVC (polyvinyl) pipe-wrapping tapes as well as the shorter term protection afforded by polyethylene (PE) protection tapes, most of which have found markets in more than 21 countries around the world.

“Our pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes include Bopp (biaxially oriented polypropylene), masking and duct tapes, aluminium foil, FSK (foil/scrim/kraft) and polyethylene (PE) protection tapes, which are made according to customers’ requirements,” says Safdar Badami, managing director of the Sharjah-based company.

“Our state-of-the-art facilities enable us to cater to all customer needs with complete confidence and perfection,” he adds.

Its PVC pipe-wrapping tapes consist of polyvinylchloride that is coated with a film having a non-corrosive, synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive of excellent peel strength. They are widely used for corrosion prevention, protection and insulation of metal pipelines, air-conditioning pipes, plumbing, electrical conduits, pipe joints, fittings and tie bars. When combined with an appropriate primer and putty, pipe-wrapping tapes can be used at a suitable PVC-film thickness to provide low, medium or high impact stress, he points out.

Elaborating on the various beneficial features of the product, Badami says: “PVC pipe-wrapping tapes have superior moisture resistance and protect against corrosion. They provide outstanding protection against sunlight, weather, acids, and other such corrosive elements. They are rot-proof and are also suitable for insulation protection of various pipes.

“The product provides protection against salts, alkalis and other soil minerals; ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure; and withstands high and low temperatures. It is resistant to moisture and sewage; fungus and bacteria; abrasive contact; common chemicals and their vapours; and dry and humid conditions.”

The common uses for PVC pipe wraps include protecting air ducts, water mains and services lines, sewer lines, pipe corners and transitions, oil pipelines, electrical cables and components, valves, elbows and fittings. “This tape can be easily applied manually or using a machine under any weather conditions,” Badami says.

Same of AMI's products ... Fire Stop, Gulf 105 and Neutraseal.

Same of AMI's products ... Fire Stop, Gulf 105 and Neutraseal.

Given the superior protection it affords, the product is also a preferred alternative to painting and re-painting interior/exterior service pipes, he adds.

Another popular product from AMI is its PE protection tape, which is a low peel acrylic emulsion, pressure-sensitive adhesive system to provide temporary protection of various surfaces such as aluminium, PVC and precast concrete (PC) during mechanical processes, storage and transportation. It does not leave any residue on the applied surface after it is peeled off, says Badami.

AMI manufactures a wide range of PE tapes in a spectrum of shades, and for different surface applications. These tapes are manufactured in different widths and thicknesses and also as per customers’ requirements.

“These PE tapes are manufactured using premium quality materials to conform to industrial standards,” he adds. “They are appreciated for their low coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance and non-stick and release properties. These tapes are convenient for all types of protective applications and can also be customised.”

“The PE tapes have helped us emerge as the biggest supplier of the product in the region as all major aluminium composite panels (ACP) companies are now using our surface protection tapes,” says Badami.

Earlier this year, AMI announced that it has become the first sealant manufacturer in the region to achieve the MAS (Materials Analytical Services) green certificate from the US for all its sealants.

The certification follows an emission testing programme to evaluate the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a variety of materials in relation to the industry standard.

“All our sealants are now certified as environment-friendly and as low VOC-emitting products,” says Badami. “The California Department of Transport has also approved our products in terms of their emissions. Their procedures are even more stringent.”

“This certification will be a big help especially at a time when we are witnessing huge demand from construction companies for environment-friendly products,” he comments.

The company also offers products for the powder coating market and is supplying to major players in the market segment.

AMI is active in various sectors such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), aluminium and glass, ducting, cladding, marble and paints and for each sector it offers specific product lines to suit the different requirements.

“Today we have emerged as a company that has the ability to offer locally manufactured products for each of these market segments, which have so far relied on imports,” he concludes.

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