SP523 ... suited for the region.

SP523 ... suited for the region.

Tremco-illbruck launches eco-friendly sealant

May 2014

TREMCO-ILLBRUCK, which specialises in sealants and building protection systems, has launched a new hybrid compound sealant that has been specifically formulated for the Middle East.

Known as SP523, the sealant is said to be eco-friendly while its cure rate has been slowed down considerably in order to tackle the challenge of the region’s high temperature and humidity. The hybrid formulation is also completely free of isocyanides and solvents.

According to a company spokesperson, SP523 is a hybrid polymer-based sealant that is part of a new line-up of professional construction adhesives and sealants by Tremco-illbruck.

“These products make a perfect team – in terms of speed, strength and performance – when it really matters,” he says.

The product, which is manufactured in the company’s factory in Canada, is  described as being ideal for construction sealing such as joints in façades, rainscreens and curtain-walls; perimeter, joints around windows, doors and rooflights  and high movement joints.

“The product is unique and the latest innovation in sealants that combines the strength of polyurethane technology with the best properties of modified silicones,” says the spokesperson. 

SP523 can be used for outdoor as well as indoor applications and offer many benefits. For instance, it can be used in high heat and humid conditions with good resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, ageing and weathering; and can accommodate movement very well, with a movement accommodation factor (MAF) of 25 per cent.

Among its other advantages, it is:

• Suitable for multiple applications;

• Can be used without a primer on most common substrates;

• Fast curing compared to similar products (up to 2.5 mm in the first day); and

• Safe to use, being low odour and non-corrosive (solvent and isocyanate free).

It can also be painted over, though the compatibility of paint should be checked prior to use.

Tremco-illbruck is a European manufacturer and service provider of high-performance sealing, bonding, flooring, waterproofing, and passive fire protection for the construction and manufacturing industries. It last year established itself as an independent company, emerging out from under the management of the US-based Tremco.

Tremco-illbruck has long been a leader in the research and development of environment-friendly products. The company sells its products in the Gulf through a well-established network of distributors, agents and direct customers.

The company is looking at boosting its presence in the region, and is keen to launch production in the region, says the spokesman, who adds that it is looking at the possibility of entering into a strategic partnership with a local manufacturing company.

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