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Emirates Steel first in region to launch sheet piles

June 2014

Emirates Steel has expanded its range with the launch of sheet pile materials, making it the only steel manufacturer in the Middle East to develop and sell these high value-added products, according to the Abu Dhabi-based company.

Saeed Al Romaithi, CEO of Emirates Steel, said: “To meet customer requirements and to further expand our product range, we are developing a wide portfolio of sheet piles, a range that possesses significant and highly cost-effective structural and pile driving properties.”

Steel sheet piles are used in constructing both temporary and permanent load-bearing retaining walls.

The company, which launched its first sheet pile brand, the Z-shaped ESZ18, in December 2013, sold the first batch of 1,750 tonnes of sheet piles in March of this year in Europe, following which it started taking full orders for Z-piles used as barriers to support excavations.

It is planning to add five more Z-products within two years and aims to complete the range in 2017.

According to Emirates Steel estimates, the demand for sheet piles in the GCC is around 80,000 tonnes per year.

The company said it plans to produce up to 150,000 tonnes of sheet piles a year, depending on market demand, and hopes to add further value-added products to its range.

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