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Bids invited for Northern Town housing project

July 2014

PREQUALIFICATION bids have been invited by Bahrain’s Ministry of Housing from contractors and design and supervision consultants for further work on the second phase of the new Northern Town (Al Madina Al Shamaliya).

These tenders will initiate work on apartment units and related infrastructure on three island plots of this $450-million social housing project off the northwest coast of Bahrain.

Prequalification bids have now been invited from contracting firms for two separate construction contracts, for infrastructure and utilities development on plots known as Islands 10, 11 and 12, and for the construction of bridges linking Island Nine with 10 and 11 with 12. Consultants have also been invited to prequalify for two separate consultancy contracts: the first to draw up designs for the apartments units on Islands 10, 11 and 12, and the second to supervise the construction of infrastructure, utilities and bridges development on these islands. The deadline for submission of bids is July 16.

Meanwhile, bids have also been invited for the design and construction supervision of vehicular and pedestrian bridges linking Islands 13 and 14 and for the construction of primary infrastructure on Islands 13 and 14 at Northern Town (see Tenders). The deadline for submission of bids is July 30.

Preference will be given to UAE contractors and consultants for these projects, which will be funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development under the $10-billion GCC aid package awarded to Bahrain.

The Housing Ministry last month kicked off the second phase of the development by signing a BD10-million ($26.3 million) agreement with a consortium consisting of Kuwaiti-based Aresco and Bahrain-based Tamkon Company to build 316 housing units on Island 14.

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