Saudi Focus

Jeddah’s five-star learning centre!

July 2014

ZAHID Learning Centre (ZLC) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has been certified as a Caterpillar five-star contamination control facility, following a stringent assessment process.

The centre – managed by Zahid Tractor, Caterpillar’s dealer in Saudi Arabia – has successfully met and surpassed the required standard with a five-star rating as assessed by Caterpillar.

The Caterpillar five-star contamination control programme, which began in 2000, evaluates dealers on workshop cleanliness and work practices.

“Contamination control is essential to ZLC’s ability to effectively train employees working with machines and engines. Individuals learn how to disassemble, maintain, service and reassemble Caterpillar products in accordance with the highest standards in the industry,” says a spokesman for ZLC.

Since opening in 2005, ZLC has played a significant role in the education and career development of Zahid Group employees. Offering a comprehensive range of advanced training programmes in a number of fields, it provides real-world experience in a dynamic learning environment.

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