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Pierrefeu ... optimum comfort.

Pierrefeu ... optimum comfort.

Aldes rolls out twisted air diffusers

July 2014

ALDES Middle East, a leading solutions provider for fire protection, ventilation and air distribution, has launched its Twisted range of air diffusers, which are claimed to offer unequalled comfort and perfect integration.

The high induction swirl diffusers are adapted to small and medium-sized commercial premises such as restaurants, offices, hotels, banks, small shops, nurseries, retirement homes, show-rooms and open spaces, says Gaëtan Pierrefeu, managing director of Aldes Middle East.

The diffusers are equipped with a patented system of swirl diffusion that provides added mixing capacity. Through its design, Twisted can maintain the quality of air diffusion over a wide airflow range, he says.

“Whether in high or low speed, the diffusers retain the capacity to mix the intake air with the room air ambient for greater temperature consistency and therefore optimum comfort,” he explains. “They are effective when heating and cooling and both accept high mixing rates and temperature variations over 15 deg C.”

Twisted diffusers guarantee the ceiling stays attractive and are easy to install. A single size covers a wide airflow range and the system can be adapted to variable airflow installations. It features an air exhaust diffuser model that is identical to the air supply model, providing both filtering and easy access to the filter.

Twisted 850 diffusers can be installed in place of standard 600 by 600 mm or 675 by 675 mm ceiling tiles. The integrated connecting plenum guarantees the aeraulic characteristics, despite a reduced size that has been adapted to suit modern suspended ceilings (overall depth of 300 mm), he says.

Aldes, a recognised manufacturer of solutions for improving interior air quality and comfort in commercial premises, last year launched the MR-Mono and the MR-Modulo, which are constant airflow regulators that have been designed to provide optimum air-balancing with precise, constant flow regulation.

Both models are being positioned to help address the growing demand for hygienic fresh air introduced into air-conditioning systems across the region.

The MR-Mono and the MR-Modulo can fit easily into a section of circular ductwork to maintain a constant and reliable airflow within a wide range of differential pressure – 50 to 250 Pa for the standard version and 150 to 650 Pa for the high-pressure version, Pierrefeu says.

“The MR models operate on an innovative principle where the unit’s membrane inflates and deflates depending on the pressure differences between the upstream and downstream flow of the constant air-flow regulator. This later changes the cross-section of the flow and guarantees constant air-flow, regardless of aeraulic variations in the ductwork,” he explains.

Commenting on the trends in the market, Pierrefeu says: “Today, facility management is done by specialised companies. Also, following the economic crisis people have become more aware of the need to opt for products that are easy to install and maintain, hence the demand for low or no-maintenance products has gone up.”

He adds that another important trend is energy efficiency. “Modern constructions need to be airtight in order to be energy efficient. In addition to thermal comfort (heating or cooling), air-conditioning systems are now specifically sized to guarantee a supply of fresh air into the building for indoor air quality (notably in terms of oxygen content).

“Therefore, it is increasingly important to ensure that operating airflows correspond to the ones calculated for the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) system sizing (air balancing). Correct air balancing is key to a properly commissioned HVAC system and to avoid side effects caused by over-ventilation (noise, high temperature and high energy consumption) or by under-ventilation (poor air quality and uncomfortably cold temperatures). Our wide range of solutions for airflow balancing from the manual damper to VAV (variable air volume) boxes and the MR Modulo and MR Mono meet the market requirements,” he says.

Commenting on the market, he says: “These are truly exciting times for the Middle East’s construction industry, which is now upbeat with many of the projects stalled during the recent downturn having resumed and others in the pipeline.

“The beginning of the year was a bit slow but we can see some good prospects at the end of the year since we get involved in projects when they are structurally complete. We hired two business developers last year so we hope to get new business in the months to come.”

Aldes Middle East serves the entire region, with its focus being on the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The company recently set up an office in Qatar.

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