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Wolff 5014 city crane ...

Wolff 5014 city crane ...

Wolffkran's latest is a powerful lifter

August 2014

LIVING up to its name once again, Wolffkran has launched its new and powerful Wolff 5014 city crane, which is claimed to be the strongest crane in its class.

The new model is not only impressive because of its high load-carrying capacity, but also because of its outstanding lifting speeds and Wolffkran’s easy assembly configuration.

Commenting on the Wolff 5014 city, Gerd Tiedkte, product manager at Wolffkran says: “The number of people living in cities is steadily on the rise and so too is the need for new living space. Compact cranes are in high demand at inner-city construction sites. These cranes have to be both powerful and easy to assemble. Our engineers from Heilbronn (Germany) focused their latest development on this demographic trend and in doing so further extended their range of small trolley jib cranes with the flat top Wolff 5014 city.”

The new crane is characterised not only by its impressive tip load capacity of 1.4 tonnes at a 50-m radius, but even more so by its maximum lifting capacity of six tonnes. “This pure two-rope fall crane thus provides the best results when compared to its competitors,” he says.

In addition to its load capacity, the Wolff 5014 city also impresses with its advanced, frequency-controlled 28 kW hoisting winch.

“With this winch, the 5014 city can achieve a considerable handling capacity with partial load speeds of up to 108 m per minute when lifting loads of up to 1.1 tonnes,” says Tiedkte.

“Its design as a two-rope fall crane means no time is lost during the operation on site, since it is not necessary to re-reeve the hoist line when changing over from a two-fall to a four-fall operation. An innovative hoisting winch design with greater storage and a revised geometry of the drum means it can have a hook path of up to 190 m,” he adds.

Wolff 5014 city's winch ... impressive.

Wolff 5014 city's winch ... impressive.

As with all its cranes, Wolffkran places particular emphasis on the ease of installation, and the same goes for the 5014 city. By positioning the hoisting winch on the first jib section, the entire jib, including the reeving of all ropes, can be easily and safely be assembled on the ground. It can be even preassembled with the bolted-on counterjib, providing that there is sufficient space at the site. At more confined construction sites, the jib can also be assembled in the air. The jib can be extended in 2.5 m intervals between 25 m and 50 m.

One of the things Wolffkran customers around the world really value is the modular tower system, Tiedkte continues. “Wolffkran engineers have also placed great importance on this aspect with this latest model. The Wolff 5014 city can be erected up to a hook height of 43.5 m with the TFS 15 tower sections that are widely used among customers, so that it is not necessary to purchase a new tower. The height of the tower can be increased using the adapter and transition elements to stronger tower elements,” he says.

The counterjib is equipped with a continuous running surface, making it convenient and safe to access the counterweights. Assembly aids for the guy rods and a lateral platform in the area of the counterweights facilitate an easy and secure installation of the counterjib. In typical Wolff style, the counterweights all come in a uniform size of 1.8 tonnes per stone.

A newly designed tower connection piece provides even better access to the control cabinet platform and can also accommodate the cabin, if required. The close proximity of the electric unit to the cabin allows for easy communication between the crane operator and service technician.

Depending on the requirements at the construction site, the Wolff 5014 city can be operated with or without a cabin. A full range radio remote control with a digital display not only reliably provides the load data of the crane, but also transmits the wind speeds, hook height, rotation angle and error messages at all times, making its operation just as efficient whether it is from the ground or the cab. If the customer would like the addition of a cabin, the 5014 city is equipped with the latest model introduced in 2012.

As with all Wolff cranes, this “small” newcomer has been fitted with the latest crane control system according to the highest safety standards. The control system adjusts the performance of the drives to the requirements of each construction site and supports the crane operator with extensive self-tests. The new built-in function Wolff Boost allows for 10 per cent more lifting capacity.

“The features of the compact city crane puts it right up there with the Wolff clear cranes in the higher crane classes,” concludes Tiedkte.

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