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Dubai Cranes' overhead material handling equipment ... used in various operations.

Dubai Cranes' overhead material handling equipment ... used in various operations.

Dubai facility to cut crane delivery times

August 2014

DUBAI Cranes and Technical Services, a subsidiary of Dubai Investments and one of the region’s leading manufacturers of overhead material handling equipment, has opened the first-of-its-kind crane storage and assembly facility in the region. The new facility is expected to significantly reduce the delivery time for standard cranes across the GCC and Middle East and North Africa (Mena) regions and lead to massive savings in cost and time for clients and partners.

Located at the Dubai Investments Park (DIP), the facility is currently a one-stop destination for a wide variety of standard, overhead crane kits which are high in demand in the region.

With its advanced storage and assembly capabilities, Dubai Cranes can now deliver standard cranes for projects across the GCC and Mena within four weeks compared to the average turnaround period of 16 weeks, which factored in time required for manufacturing in Europe, assembly, shipping and delivery.

Andrew Kay, general manager of Dubai Cranes, comments: “We are thrilled to offer a unique facility which will revolutionise the entire crane industry in the region. With our new storage facility, we have cut the average turnaround time for cranes from 16 weeks to four weeks, which will have significant implications on the overall costs as well as the project schedules. This is a major lift-up for the construction sector in the region.”

All hoists, controls, end carriages and electrical equipment offered at Dubai Cranes’ new facility are built and supplied by the UK-based Street Cranes. Street offers one of the world’s most comprehensive ranges of crane components with capacities from a few kilogrammes to 250 tonnes incorporating important safety and operating advantages which make the equipment particularly suited to conditions in the region.

The new facility will stock more than 50 standard overhead crane kits from the Street ZX and LX product range, offering various lifting capacities and able to accommodate crane spans of up to 20 m. Apart from storage, the facility offers fabrication services for crane beams, gantries and other structural crane parts and also spare parts for both the company’s cranes as well as for competitor crane companies.

“Apart from the storage, we offer a holistic range of value-added services directed towards crane installation, fabrication, overhauling and also provide spare parts to make it a one-stop shop for anything related to cranes. We understand that when a crane is down in the field, customers need spare parts and maintenance as fast and as economically possible and we provide that,” says Kay.

The company is currently catering to a vast number of projects, including Emirates Aluminium (Emal), Dubai Aluminium (Dubal) and Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa). Dubai Cranes is also witnessing a huge demand for its cranes in a wide array of infrastructure projects.

The company manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range of technologically advanced overhead material handling equipment – including wire rope hoists, industrial cranes and explosion-proof cranes – used in almost all industries.

Rigorous safety inspections and preventive maintenance programmes are regularly performed by the operational reliability inspection team, to ensure the maintenance status of the equipment and eliminate any potential safety hazards. This includes testing all cranes for critical component damage to determine any possible wear, deterioration or malfunction of the machinery.

The company offers a portfolio of overhead lifting solutions, including wire rope hoists, industrial and explosion-proof cranes, offering a maximum lifting capacity of up to 300 tonnes. The company has personnel with more than 50 years of experience, together delivering more than 1,500 cranes to the region and working on many of the UAE’s leading real estate development projects.

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