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A model in the new B-series.

A model in the new B-series.

Cat rolls out new B-series of utility compactors

September 2014

CATERPILLAR has met customer expectations for paving products yet again with the new B-series line of utility compactors.

“The new CB22B, CB24B, CB24B XT, CB32B, CB34B, CB34B XW, CC24B and CC34B feature key enhancements that will help contractors achieve compaction more efficiently than ever,” says a Cat spokesman.

He adds: “This wide range of models provides excellent versatility to compete in the 1.8-tonne to 5-tonne size class. Typical applications include streets, bike paths, courtyards, patchwork, parking lots, driveways, town centers, and shoulder work.”

The highlights of the B-series include a simple operating environment with intuitive controls and easy viewing LCD display. Efficient compaction performance is achieved through better visibility, increased drum diameters, multiple frequency vibratory systems and optional ballast additions on some models. The water spray system continues to be very reliable and the large capacity provides up to 12 hours of operation without refilling.

The spokesman says the engines offer plenty of power on grades and are able to operate in Eco-mode for reduced fuel consumption and lower sound levels.

“This new line of utility compactors is specifically designed for the rental market by providing easy operation, durable components, extensive legroom, and fuel-efficient engines for lower overall operating costs,” he adds.

The operating environment offers improved comfort and visibility. The narrow frame design and contoured engine hood provide good visibility to the drum edges and front of the machine. The intuitive control panel utilises a backlit LCD display and sealed switches with bright LED lights for easy recognition in a variety of operating conditions.

The increased drum diameters offer smooth and efficient compaction, while the smooth rear tyres on the CC24B and CC34B models provide a kneading action for a tight mat finish. A 50-mm drum offset feature enhances control near curbs and obstacles while providing more coverage. Ballast options increase flexibility and compaction performance.

The new B-Series utility compactors are equipped with the C1.5 and C2.2 engines. A turbo-charged C1.5 model (available only in North America) meets US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. In other regions of the world, the engines meet emissions equivalent to US EPA Tier 4 Interim, and EU Stage IIIA emission standards. The engines are equipped with multiple speed settings and Eco-mode, delivering improved fuel efficiency and lower sound levels.

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