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Work begins on C-Ring Road

September 2014

ASHGHAL, the public works authority of Qatar, has begun work on the fourth phase of development works on the C-Ring Road in Doha.

The phase, when completed, will result in the conversion of roundabouts to signal-controlled intersections for improved traffic flow and reduced congestion, according to a report in The Peninsula.

A signalised pedestrian crossing will be set up for all four crossings at each of the new intersections.

Work on the fourth phase is being started earlier than planned to prevent an overlap between work on the C-Ring Road project and work on a new expressway project, the report added. Two lanes, as well as temporary alternative accesses, will remain open to traffic in both directions throughout the construction period.

Construction work is expected to last nearly five months, and will include adding a fourth lane, in addition to maintaining and repaving the existing three lanes. Work on C-Ring Road will take about two-and-a-half months, after which, work will commence on the ‘feeder’ roads leading from C-Ring Road, the report added.

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