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Hand in hand ... Blue Stream and Adec work together toward green goals.

Hand in hand ... Blue Stream and Adec work together toward green goals.

Blue Stream takes lead with green containers

September 2014

BLUE Stream Environmental Technology, a specialist in recycling urban container design and implementation, has joined hands with Adec (Abu Dhabi Education Council) to support schools in meeting their recycling initiatives and to promote recycling habits with the educational sector.

The Dubai-based company says it has steadily and over time worked with multiple educational institutions to help them realise their ambitions for recycling.

“Educational institutions in the UAE are fast catching pace with the growing recycling trend, especially in view of the drive by government bodies such as municipalities and the education ministry,” says Suvarna Jeetendra, managing director of Blue Stream.

“A large number of these schools already have children from regions of the world where recycling is a common concept. Hence, there is a special push from parents to launch large recycling campaigns at schools.”

One of the latest clients Blue Stream has worked with is Lycee Louis Massignon, a French language school in Abu Dhabi, to which it has offered a specialised range of recycling containers which are described as being ideal for school usage and which provide easy access for children of all ages. These recycling units come complete with bright and bold labelling for easy identification of segregated waste collection.

“These containers feature a secure lock-and-key vandal-proof method of emptying waste containers to eliminate the risk of waste being tampered with and also keep the mischievous hands of children away,” says Suvarna.


Sustainable network


The containers have been positioned and allocated in such a way that in areas of the school where there is a requirement for bulk voluminous waste collection, larger waste containers have been installed. This includes the metro recycling models from Blue Stream which are designed for bulk waste recycling collection with bright and bold labelling and with ample space for interchangeable advertising slogans.

“These container units are ideal for areas with a lot of waste generation such as sports centres and public canteen areas,” comments Suvarna.



Another key recycling centre from Blue Stream is the Cestone from its Athena range of products. “These are specially designed with graphite mica paint and feature a special lustre and feel altogether,” says Suvarna.

“They add to the character of the school and enhance the aesthetics, acting not just as a recycling bin but also as an urban receptacle that works to enhance the public spaces in the school.

“Segregated collection has focused on four streams: paper, plastic, glass and cans. The main focus here is paper of course, given the ample generation of waste paper within schools. This apart, cans will be collected from various lunch boxes and canteen purchases that the kids bring along on a daily basis. The same works for the glass bottles as well,” he says.


Future prospects

“The overall success of this campaign is apparent from the way students have reacted to the recycling efforts of the school,” Suvarna comments.

Blue Stream is currently working with a number of other schools to roll out recycling campaigns.

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