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Production boost ... capacity to reach 60,000 tpy with new presses.

Production boost ... capacity to reach 60,000 tpy with new presses.

Talco scores ‘first’ with flash anodised coatings

October 2014

ALTAISEER Aluminium Company (Talco), a quality producer of aluminium extrusions from different alloys, has become the first company in Asia to launch the production of flash anodised powder coating from vertical powder coating lines.

The new technique guarantees 35 years of performance in all weather conditions – normal, humid and even in coastal areas, claims a spokesman for the Saudi-based company.

The coating has been tested at the laboratories of Germany’s IFO – the Institut für Oberflächentechnik, which ranks among the leading test laboratories in the field of surface technology – which has certified it in accordance with 5096h AASS – test – Din EN ISO 9227. “This means it meets the requirements defined by Qualicoat specifications (13th edition),” the spokesman explains. “This is the highest guarantee offered for surface finishes on aluminium extrusions.”

Talco co-ordinated with Gulf Polyester and Epoxy Coating Factory (Alwan) in developing the polyester powder and super-durable powder with a new formulation to achieve the desired results.

“The process is in itself unique as it provides full protection to the entire surface area – inside and outside. The line has been specially designed to process the extrusions without any manual input,” he says.

Elaborating on the process, he explains: “The aluminium extrusions are first chemically processed and anodised (to a thickness of five to eight microns), which is then followed by powder coating on line. The process guarantees full protection against weather conditions especially for coastal areas, where protection against corrosion (oxidisation) is much needed due to the high humidity in such environment.”

Talco’s offices and factory in Riyadh ... quality producer.

Talco’s offices and factory in Riyadh ... quality producer.

Talco was originally set up by Kamel Ibrahim Al Fattouh in 1978 as a fabricator. Driven by its vision for growth in the market, the company expanded and ventured into the manufacture of top-class windows and doors in 1983. It underwent further expansion and set foot in the extrusion business in June 1994, and initially produced aluminium extrusions and surface decorative finishes using one extrusion press, and two conventional powder coating lines.

Based in Riyadh, Talco has emerged in the Gulf market as a leading producer in its sector and is recognised for its reliability, quality and sustainability. It has become a benchmark for quality, and continues to improve and update its technology that gives its products a competitive edge, especially in surface decorative finishes.

Talco produces aluminium extrusions not only for doors and windows, but also for structural works, truck bodies and transport, air-conditioner grills and diffusers, façades, ladders and many other products.

The company has expanded fourfold during the last two decades, to meet the increasing demand for aluminium extrusions in the GCC countries and for its products. It currently has a production capacity of about 40,000 tonnes of aluminium extrusions using four extrusion presses procured from Europe.

The company plans to acquire two new presses (from the same source) which will be commissioned by the end of 2015. This is expected to boost its production capacity to 60,000 tonnes per year (tpy).

To undertake high-quality surface decorative finishes, the company is equipped with a full-fledged anodising line from Europe capable of handling 7,000 tonnes of aluminum extrusions per year and processing up to 8 m lengths.

In addition, it has two conventional powder coating lines and three vertical powder coating lines from Europe as well as one vertical line capable of anodising and powder coating in a single process.

Talco can also undertake other decorative and surface processes required for aluminium extrusions like wood finish, polish finish, and others.

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