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Balexco ... key expansion planned.

Balexco ... key expansion planned.

Balexco boosting production prowess

October 2014

BAHRAIN Aluminium Extrusion Company (Balexco), the region’s first aluminium extrusion plant set up nearly 40 years ago, is rolling out key growth plans that include the introduction of a unitised curtain-wall system and installation of new thermal-break assembly machinery at its facilities.

The Bahrain-based aluminium extrusion firm recently launched the Balexco Luxury System, a lift-and-slide thermal-break system with good thermal insulation properties, which is considered top of the line in the company’s high-value products.

Commenting on the new system, a spokesman for the company says: “The Luxury system, which contains a package of 10 profiles, five gaskets, seven thermal insulators and accessories, can be used as both sliding and lift-and-slide just by opting for different hardware and accessories. Other systems the company offers include the Balexco 60 curtain-wall, 45/45i casement series and 100 sliding series.”

Established in 1977 to primarily produce aluminium extrusion products, Balexco took the lead in the region with the production of high-quality extrusions and systems used mainly as aluminium doors, window frames, and other products required in the construction industry.


“The establishment of Balexco was one of the pioneering developments in the history of the aluminium industry in the Middle East,” claims the spokesman.

He continues: “Balexco has remained synonymous with aluminium extrusion. Our extrusions are manufactured strictly in accordance with DIN specifications as per the end requirement. Our in-house powder coating process is in compliance with Qualicoat and the anodising process with Qualanod standards.”

Since its establishment, Balexco has left a marked influence on the extrusion industry, he says.

Over the years, the company has increased its capacity more than three times and expanded into the markets in the GCC, Middle East and West Asia. With four presses and state-of-the-art anodising and powder coating plants, the company has come a long way from the initial production capacity of 6,000 tonnes per year (tpy) to the present capacity of 33,000 tpy.

In line with the company’s strategy to increase productivity and production capabilities, Balexco continues to upgrade its facilities and boost capabilities. Among such plans, the company intends to install state-of-the-art thermal break assembly machines.

To cope up with the recent developments in the aluminium industry and the increase in consumption and to meet the growing demand, Balexco has adopted the latest technologies in the field of production, says the spokesman.

“In fact, Balexco’s application of the latest technology, and production of downstream aluminium products that meet international standards, are among the notable strategies it maintains, in order to keep its position of leadership,” he adds.

Latest technology employed at Balexco.

Latest technology employed at Balexco.

Balexco claims to have one of the latest and the most advanced state-of-the-art plant equipped with well-qualified and trained personnel in the Middle East.

“It has been a matter of pride that the clients of Balexco are aware that the organisation is committed to manufacture high-quality products, which is a result of its investment in modern technologies and the constant upgrading of its human resources in their competence and expertise in administration and technical skills. It has also been Balexco’s endeavour to pursue appropriate products to enhance value for our customers,” says the spokesman.

Balexco is ISO certified and was recently awarded the Ohsas occupational health and safety management certification. It strives to go beyond the expectations of its customers, end-users and clients, and has achieved customer satisfaction which it believes is a continual process.

“We also work closely with major architects and consultants for their projects and also with systems suppliers for their extruded aluminium requirement,” he says.

High-quality extrusions and systems ... Balexco specialty.

High-quality extrusions and systems ... Balexco specialty.

Commenting on Balexco’s prospects for the year, the spokesman says: “We are optimistic for 2014 on account of revamping and overhauling of our presses. In addition, we have a well-established market share, internationally certified quality products and experienced staff.”

Its product mix comprises commercial extrusions such as flat and round profiles used in a variety of applications ranging from window and door frames to kitchen cabinets and system solutions comprising profiles, gaskets and accessories. “Apart from the wide industrial applications for our extruded products, Balexco also has its own architectural aluminium system to meet the demands of architectural applications. All these systems are duly tested for air, water and wind parameters,” says the spokesman.

Balexco systems have recently been installed in a number of projects including both commercial and residential high-rise buildings.

Over the years, Balexco has been able to extend its business territory and has achieved phenomenal success all over the GCC, Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region and Europe for its extruded products. The company exports nearly 75 per cent of its product to meet the ever-growing demands for Balexco’s extruded products.

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