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Lorient’s product range includes acoustic, smoke, fire and thermal containment seals.

Lorient’s product range includes acoustic, smoke, fire and thermal containment seals.

Sealing success

October 2014

LORIENT Polyproducts, a designer and manufacturer of high-quality sealing systems for performance doors across the world, is returning to The Big 5 2014 following its successful debut at last year’s event.

“Our participation last year was a successful brand positioning exercise that complemented our international expansion strategy perfectly,” says Maria Simmonds, the group managing director.

Commenting on the event, she says: “The Big 5 attracts a multi-national, high-quality visitor profile; the footfall is high, and the facilities are well thought through and organised. A great sense of community is created during that week in and around the exhibition halls. It forms a central focus for construction projects and acts as a hub for essential business connectivity.”

At the show last year, under the theme, ‘Sealing doors worldwide’, each member of the Lorient Group was represented including those in the UK, North America, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

“We were also delighted to exclusively announce the incorporation of a new operation at the show – Lorient, located in Sydney, Australia,” Simmonds adds. “The show was a perfect way to reinforce the highly respected and well-known Lorient brand in this thriving region. Our exclusive Middle East distributor, the leading architectural hardware and doorset provider Laidlaw Gulf had a permanent presence on our stand.”

Lorient has supplied to many projects through Laidlaw Gulf.

With regard to its partner, Simmonds says: “Our close partnership with Laidlaw can only strengthen our position in this region; and together we are committed to provide customers with comprehensive support and unrivalled technical expertise.”

At this year’s show, Lorient will be promoting its ‘Made in Britain’ marque, international presence, and testing and technical facilities. It will be introducing its Lorient Architectural Seals (LAS), a mainstream range of architectural seals, and Aura, a range of high-end architectural seals; antimicrobial protection; and energy containment systems.

Lorient has been in business for 35 years now. Its intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to protect buildings against the spread of fire.

Lorient’s product range includes acoustic, smoke, fire and thermal containment seals; Aura and Lorient architectural seals; door hardware protection; fire-resistant glazing systems; and air transfer louvres.

“Our smoke seals restrict smoke movement around a building, giving people time to escape, and reducing property damage. Our acoustic door seals help to contain sound within a room, or prevent it entering. Many of our door seals also improve the building’s energy efficiency. We also design seals so the door can be used with minimal effort, helping those with reduced mobility,” says Simmons.

She continues: “Ensuring a fire door provides complete protection involves more than door seals alone. That’s why Lorient offers a suite of products including fire-resistant glazing and door hardware protection. Our louvres and fire dampers protect ductwork and walls, as well as doors. Taking this ‘system’ approach means Lorient can recommend the most efficient, cost-effective combinations for every situation.”

In terms of business, Simmonds says 2014 has been a much more positive year than 2013 with growth exceeding expectations.

Lorient has seen some significant developments and recently was privileged to have been granted the use of the ‘Made in Britain’ marque. “We are now applying it on our printwork and packaging. This logo helps reinforce our international presence and an impressive 35 years of manufacturing British products in Devon.”

Last year, the company launched its testing and technical services division featuring a state-of-the-art acoustic transmission suite. “Manufacturers and designers now have access to a diverse range of specialist testing services to assist the development of new or existing products, investigate new materials, right through to durability testing and benchmarking performance. A variety of different assemblies can be tested including doorsets, windows, glazing systems, door hardware, and dampers, to name but a few.”

The dedicated testing and technical services centre at Discovery House hosts a state-of-the-art, purpose-built acoustic transmission suite; an indicative fire test furnace; many cycling rigs; air and smoke leakage testing equipment; environmental chambers; and an analytical laboratory.

The year 2013 also saw the company unveil its new Aura range of architectural seals.

“Aura is a select and discerning range of architectural seals with strong design accents. Sensitive to the choices an architect has to make and aiming to minimise the design conflict of form over function, Aura delivers something different.

“Aura combines elegant curves, innovative features and the freedom to re-think finishes, offering the functional performance you’d expect of a Lorient system but with a new design sensibility,” explains Simmons.

Lorient also recently added integral antimicrobial protection to its range of popular door seals for sound, smoke, fire and thermal containment as standard. These include Finesse, DS, Batwing and plain fire seals. In addition, it is now introducing integral antimicrobial protection into a number of other products within its fire-resistant glazing systems, and fire- and smoke-resistant dampers/air transfer grilles ranges.

Earlier this year, Lorient set up a new subsidiary in New South Wales, Australia, bringing its full range of high-quality acoustic, smoke and fire sealing systems to the Australian and New Zealand markets, says Simmonds.

Simmonds says Lorient has a continuing strategy of growth around the world. “We focus on enhancing our product offering, entering new markets and ensuring high quality products and services on which our reputation is built, to serve our customers in the performance sector of the market.

“With 35 years, there’s not much we don’t know about door sealing. Respected throughout the industry for our technical depth, we play an active role in helping to shape standards and best practice. We share our knowledge openly with our door manufacturer customers, and support their product development in our own research laboratory.”

She adds: “Our library of test evidence is second to none. We have a host of Certifire certificates; and we still remain the only seal manufacturer with BBA (British Board of Agrément) accreditation (for our main range of fire and smoke seals). It’s not only our products that excel. We boast both BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.”

Established in 1979, Lorient’s head office and testing and technical services are based in Devon, the UK. Outside the UK, its offices are spread throughout the world including Europe (Lorient UK and Europe), North America (Lorient North America, Kentucky, US), India (with Madras Malabar Corporation), Hong Kong (Lorient Pacific), Singapore (Lorient Southeast Asia) and Australia (Lorient). Lorient employs 100 people and has an annual turnover of £16.5 million ($26.55 million).

Lorient can be visited at Stand 2B66 at The Big 5 show.

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