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The TLB990 ... top of the range.

The TLB990 ... top of the range.

Terex backhoes built on customer feedback

October 2014

TEREX Construction has recently launched two new versatile backhoe loaders – its top-of-the-range TLB990 and the cost-effective TLB850 – that build on the company’s 55 years of expertise in the backhoe sector.

The TLB990 has been designed for professionals who demand the highest performance and cost-effective operation all-year round with an excellent return on investment.

Packed with new features and additions, the design of the TLB990 has focused on the operator in the driving seat, with productivity, ease of operation and service at the top of the priority list. Built on the solid foundation of the previous 970 model, it features a Perkins 74.5 kW 1204E-E44TA diesel engine with higher maximum torque for improved loading and roading performance.

Terex Global’s product manager for backhoe loaders Jon Beckley says: “Insight from customer research carried out in the design stage of this machine highlighted that the key customer requirements were versatility, productivity and operator comfort. We firmly believe that these have been more than met with the TLB990, giving peace of mind to owner-operators.”

He claims that the strength of the new TLB990 is undisputed. The dipper breakout force has increased by six per cent to provide high trenching productivity and the bucket breakout force has been increased by 32 per cent, when using the heavy-duty bucket – all of which gives operators the confidence to tackle the toughest of operating challenges, he says.

“Coupled with a backhoe lift performance which has been increased by 20 per cent and an impressive dig depth of 5.64 m, this machine is a force to be reckoned with. In addition, the slew torque has also been boosted by 72 per cent, ensuring any backfilling operations and slewing uphill are achieved with ease,” he comments.

On the TLB990, Terex has retained some of the most popular features from its heritage of manufacturing backhoe loaders, notably, its industry-leading four-wheel steering system which gives an unbeatable turning circle of 7.3 m, Beckley says. The crab steer mode also allows the TLB990 to operate on space-constrained job sites.

Proven features from the existing TLB840 and TLB890 Terex backhoe loaders have been integrated into the new TLB990, including the well-received curved boom assembly which allows greater clearance over obstacles, such as when loading high-sided trucks or working over fences. The cast hard nose acts as a counterweight for stability and gives protection to the bonnet and cooling pack.

Operator comfort has also been given priority in the new machine. The operator enjoys a more spacious ROPS/FOPS (roll over protection system/falling object protection system)-compliant cab with a full depth rear opening window and opening rear side windows for enhanced visibility and excellent ventilation. Journey times are also quicker and more comfortable, thanks to the ride control system and 39.5 kmph on-road transport speed.

“The TLB990’s excellent pushing power, breakout forces, class-leading turning circle and comfortable cab mean it is one of the most productive and versatile machines available,” he adds.


Terex TLB850

Meanwhile, the TLB850 backhoe loader is packed with features and additions to provide owner-operators with high performance, comfort and ease of use. It is based on Terex’s TLB840, which has proved popular in construction sites worldwide, thanks to its efficiency, flexibility and reliability, Beckley points out. Building on this success, the TLB850 features a 94-hp high-performance charge air-cooled engine, delivering outstanding performance at a highly affordable price.

The TLB850 ... cost effective.

The TLB850 ... cost effective.

“With a market-leading closed centre hydraulic circuit, which allows hydraulic oil to by-pass the control valves in the neutral position, the TLB850 consumes minimal power and reduces lever effort for the operator. What’s more, with smooth multi-functional operation of boom, dipper, extender and bucket, the system allows fine control and smooth operation for quick, easy and accurate grading and levelling,” he says.

Other features of the model include an optional hydraulically-operated gear shift transmission (Servo power synchro), a four-speed gearbox and a Stage IIIB/Tier 4i-compliant engine.

Reducing exhaust particulate emissions by up to 90 per cent, the Stage IIIB/T4i technology used in the Terex TLB850 backhoe boosts performance at a lower operating cost. “With a six per cent reduction in fuel consumption, additional 50 Nm torque and auto engine idle as standard, the environment-friendly engine design provides greater power and durability with lower engine effort.

“From increased torque and smooth hydraulics to greater dig depth and backhoe reach, our new model is perfect for those looking for a reliable entry-level backhoe with outstanding performance,” he adds.

“We’re confident that the TLB850’s excellent pushing power, breakout forces and comfortable cab will delight users, who take great pride in their backhoe and expect the highest possible performance. What’s more, with its Stage IIIB/ Tier 4i-compliant engine, it meets international emissions regulations as well – making it a great machine for owner-operators, construction firms and hire companies alike,” Beckley concludes.

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