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Bahrain builds $12m state-of-art school

October 2014

FOUNDATION work for a state-of-the-art school has begun at the Southern Governorate in Bahrain at a cost of BD4.6 million ($12.20 million).

The 14.9-million-sq-m Hunainiya Secondary School for Boys is a four-storey structure comprising 40 classrooms with a capacity to accommodate 1,000 students, said Education Minister Dr Majid bin Ali Al Noami.

The project is being executed by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Works (MoW) on a total land area of 19.99 million sq m.

The MoW is responsible for the design and supervision of the project.

Levelling works at the site have been completed and the foundations for the main building, the main entrance, the substation and guard room are currently being executed, said Wadeea Marzooq, the MoW’s acting assistant undersecretary for construction projects and maintenance.

Noami said the new school will enjoy modern educational facilities that include a multi-purpose hall, science, physics and computer labs, library and related administrative offices, sports hall and other facilities like toilets, stores and guard room.

The state-of-the-art design conforms to standard design specifications, sustainability and green buildings requirements, said Marzooq, adding that the design adopts energy-saving methods such as thermal insulation for roofs and walls and heat insulating glass.

The school’s design has also taken into consideration the convenience of students and staff with special needs such as providing parking spaces close to the main entrances, toilet facilities and non-slip vinyl flooring in all rooms, pathways and stairs, Marzooq explained.

“About 53 parking spaces will be allocated for staff and visitors in addition to a bus stop, which will be built in co-ordination with the MoW’s Roads Planning and Design Directorate,” she added.

The school project is part of the Education Ministry’s strategy to build more schools and academic establishments across Bahrain in order to make education accessible to all, according to Noami. The new plan also aims to bring educational facilities and services closer to residents, he said.

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