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The AquaCycle and M2500 in Kuwait ... meeting demand.

The AquaCycle and M2500 in Kuwait ... meeting demand.

CDE expands to focus on region

November 2014

CDE Global has witnessed a surge in demand for its machines, particularly its water recycling systems.  The company has now boosted its team in the region to drive its business even further.

In a move to boost its presence and spearhead its growth in the GCC, CDE Global has announced a new addition to the regional team. The leading UK-based materials washing equipment supplier has appointed Ruchin Garg as business development manager for the Gulf. He will oversee the development of the CDE project portfolio in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman. Garg has previously been involved in the development of the CDE Asia mining business in India.

Commenting on the appointment, CDE regional manager for Middle East and Africa Iain Walker says: “Garg is a welcome addition to our team as we seek to build on the successes we have enjoyed in recent years as we help operators in the region to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their operations.”

CDE designs and manufactures a range of modular materials washing equipment with applications in the construction, mining and specialist industrial sands sectors.

The company has been working in the region since 2006.

Its modular product range has allowed it to meet the demand for rapid deployment and minimum footprint and has grown significantly in recent years.

The company also reports a growing demand for its water recycling systems, which allow operators to minimise the volumes of fresh water required to feed the washing plants.

Garg ... new member.

Garg ... new member.

“Almost all of the projects that we sell in the Gulf include some form of water treatment and recycling system. Our AquaCycle thickener allows our customers to benefit from the superior classification performance that washing systems offer while recycling 90 per cent of the water. In some instances, if the AquaCycle thickener system was not available, then a washing plant would simply not be possible,” explains Walker.

Two such projects were completed for Abdullah Abdein in Saudi Arabia and Associated Construction Company (Asco) in Kuwait.

The Abdullah Abdein project involved the supply of an EvoWash sand washing plant and AquaCycle thickener which accepts a combination of sand and gravel, crushed limestone and gabbro to produce washed sand for use in concrete block-making and a readymix batching plant.

“The ability to accept a variety of feed materials was crucial to the success of this project as the dune sand was too fine on its own and needed to be blended with the limestone and gabbro material to produce the specification of sand required to ensure efficient concrete production,” says Walker.

Meanwhile, Asco bought the M2500 mobile washing plant and AquaCycle thickener in response to a surge in demand for concrete sand in Kuwait.

Walker says: “Asco was seeking to differentiate itself from the other suppliers to concrete manufacturers by producing a washed sand with excess minus-63-micron material efficiently removed. This allowed concrete manufacturers to reduce cement consumption in their concrete manufacturing processes, which reduced the overall cost of production.”

CDE also offers a range of Sirocco air classification systems which can be specified whenever water is not available and has completed a number of projects in Saudi Arabia in recent years.

The company last month (October 21 to 22) exhibited at the Mena (Middle East and North Africa) Mining Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, UAE. Mena Mining is the largest mining conference and exhibition in the Gulf attracting over a thousand visitors over the two days to discuss future mining projects in the region.

At the event, the company promoted the wet processing systems it offers for the mining and specialist industrial sands sectors.

“These systems, which have been employed on numerous global projects in recent years, are introducing efficiencies to the processing of a variety of mineral ores through the effective removal of contamination and the delivery of materials optimised for downstream processes,” explains Garg.

The company also had available details of the specialist systems for the processing of silica sands for use in glass production as well as for foundry sands and other specialist silica sand applications.

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