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November 2014


• Tender No PRQ 4204/2014/5200. PRQ 204/2014/5200 – Pre-qualification of local contractors for geophysical survey works for the water distribution directorate (WDD). Bid bond is BD4,000. Documents can be obtained from the Purchasing and Supply Directorate, Room 21-4, Ground Floor, Electricity and Water Authority, Sitra, tel: 17995657, fax: 17701904, e-mail: hanik.mohammed@ewa.bh, by payment of BD25. CD November 29.

• Tender No RDS-14/0025. Pre- and post-contract engineering consultancy services for widening and extension of Shaikh Zayed Highway. Bid bond is BD10,000. Documents can be obtained from the Ministry of Works, GCC Marshall Fund, tel: 17545184/17566697, website: https://etendering.tenderboard.gov.bh; http://www.adfd.ae. CD December 24.

• Tender No PQ-SP/11/14. Pre-qualification of consultancy firms to design and supervise soft and hard landscaping works in Al Madinat Al Shamaliya (North Town) islands 10, 11 and 12. Bid bond is BD10,000. Documents can be obtained from the Strategic Projects Committee, Ministry of Housing, First Floor, Diplomat Tower, Building 315, Road 1705, Block 317, Diplomatic Area, PO Box 5802, tel: 17528287, fax: 17531977, e-mail: mary.rosal@housing.gov.bh, website: https://etendering.tenderboard.gov.bh; http://www.adfd.ae, by payment of BD500. CD November 6.

• Tender No CPD-14/0006. Construction of a kidney dialysis centre at Hunainiyah, Riffa. Bid bond is two to five per cent of tender price. Documents can be obtained from the GCC Development Fund, Ministry of Works New Building, Tender Unit, Sixth Floor, Cost Engineering Department, tel: 17545184, by payment of BD500. CD December 24.

Details for the following two tenders can be obtained from the Tender and Contract Section, Ministry of Housing, Cost Engineering Section, Ninth Floor, e-mail: helpdesk@tenderboard.gov.bh, website: http://etendering.tenderboard.gov.bh by payment of BD25. CD November 12:

• Tender No HP/37/14. Construction of five houses (infill), Type T8 at Site 148, Block 411, Jidhafs.

• Tender No HP/39/14. Construction of 19 houses, Type D11 at Site 218, Block 337, Umm Al Hassam.



• Tender No PRE/14/068. Construction of a transport services complex. Documents can be obtained from the Muscat Municipality building, Sultan Qaboos Street, Darsait Area, PO Box 79, Muscat 100, tel: 24753000, fax: 24753027, e-mail: info@mm.gov.om, website: www.mm.gov.om, by payment of RO1,500. CD November 9.




• Tender No GT14113000. Construction of an additional building for Dukhan security department at Qatar Petroleum’s administration area in Dukhan. Bid bond is QR500,000. Documents can be obtained from Fareej Bin Dirham, Qatar Petroleum, Contracts Department, Engineering Division, Al-Handasa Complex, Mezzanine Floor, Room A-M03, B-Ring Road, Doha, PO Box 3212, tel: 44774324/44402000, fax: 44831125, by payment of QR500. CD November 16.

• Tender No LTC/C/MNT/1654/14. Repair and replacement of road crash barriers in Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC) port area. The scope of work includes supply and installation of crash barriers including civil foundation works and protective coating for the beams and posts. The work site covers Qatargas as well as Rasgas areas in Ras Laffan. Bid bond is QR100,000. Documents can be obtained from the Qatargas Operating Company, LTC Section, Ground Floor, Qatargas Doha Head Office, West Bay, PO Box 22666, tel: 44736000, fax: 44736666, e-mail: infos@qatargas.com.qa, by payment of QR500. CD November 24.

Details for the following two tenders can be obtained from the Public Works Authority, Contracts Department, PO Box 22188, Doha, tel: 44950000/44951111/44950777, fax: 44950999, e-mail: contracts@ashghal.gov.qa. Documents can be obtained by payment of QR1,000.
CD November 18:

• Tender No PWA/GTC/047/14-15. Application development and process automation for services and infrastructure utilities (ducts and drainage house connections ) – ISD/14-15/EIS/2/G. Bid bond is QR250,000.

• Tender No PWA/GTC/046/14-15. Post-contract consultancy services for modification and additional works at existing schools and kindergartens (Fire Life Safety Code Compliance, Phase Three) – BA/14-15/S/012/G. Bid bond is QR450,000.



• Tender No 57. Construction of a building for Riyadh Customs – Dry Port. Documents can be obtained from the General Diwan of the Customs Department, Saudi Customs, Financial Management (Tenders Section), Second Floor, Office 204-1, PO Box 3483, Riyadh 11197, tel: 4013334/1655, fax: 4043412, by payment of SR2,000. CD November 19.

Details for the following five tenders can be obtained from Najran Municipality, PO Box 2700, Najran, tel: 5223600, e-mail: link@najran.gov.sa,
website: www.najran.gov.sa:

• Tender No 218/1435/1436. Development of municipal facilities for Sharorah Municipality, Phase One – Project No 4/00/00/0085/301/015/019. Documents can be obtained by payment of SR2,000. CD November 16.

• Tender No 220/1435/1436. Asphalting, paving and lighting works for Sharorah Municipality, Phase One – Project No 4/01/99/0601/301/015/019. Documents can be obtained by payment of SR5,000. CD November 16.

• Tender No 225/1435/1436. Construction of municipality buildings and public facilities for Badr Al Janub Municipality, Phase Two – Project No 4/01/99/0607/703/015/019. Documents can be obtained by payment of SR3,000. CD November 16.

• Tender No 228/1435/1436. Development and improvement of the main entrances of Yadmah and centres governed by Yadmah Municipality, Phase Four – Project No 4/00/00/0058/601/015/019. Documents can be obtained by payment of SR500. CD November 17.

• Tender No 230/1435/1436. Implementation of flood prevention measures for Yadmah Municipality, Phase Three – Project No 4/01/99/0602/601/015/019. Documents can be obtained by payment of SR1,000. CD November 17.



• Tender No 2051400055. Supply of red desert dune sand. Bid bond is five per cent of tender price. Documents can be obtained from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Main Cashier at the Head Office, PO Box 564, Dubai, tel: 3244444, fax: 3248111, e-mail: contracts@dewa.gov.ae, http://e-services.dewa.gov.ae/Tenders/Tender_List.aspx, by payment of Dh200. CD November 19.

• Tender No DMS 139403. Appointment of adjunct consultant for urban design and physical planning services – Nakheel Projects. Documents can be obtained from the Nakheel, Nami Offices, near Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai, tel: 3759213/3633772, e-mail: dms@nakheel.com nakheel.com/en/corporate/procurement/tenders, by payment of Dh1,000.
CD November 11.

• Tender No 193/2014T. Conducting a study for and designing a flyover on Abu Dhabi-Suwaihan Highway at Al Adl Farm. Open to local and foreign firms and entities classified under Grade Two or Three in constructing roads, tunnels and interchanges. Documents can be obtained from the Department of Municipal Affairs, Abu Dhabi City Municipality (Office 17-C, Second Floor, Procurement Division), tel: 6957827/6955872, e-mail: procurementdivision@adm.abudhabi.ae, website: www.adm.gov.ae, by payment of Dh3,500. CD November 18.

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