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Conmix’s factory in Sharjah ... wide portfolio.

Conmix’s factory in Sharjah ... wide portfolio.

Conmix diversifies with water treatment line

November 2014

Sharjah-based readymix concrete company Conmix has diversified its portfolio with the addition of water treatment additives.

The new range of products include cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting additives for the treatment of waste water and potable water.

Tailor-made solutions are also offered, which include systems and chemical additives that prevent and reduce various contaminations like scale deposition, corrosion build-up and microbiological fouling in the systems.

These solutions also help provide optimum heat transfer efficiency in applications such as cooling towers, boilers, chillers and swimming pools.

Besides these products, the firm aims to provide customised combinations with the ‘On-load Brush Cleaning System’ for problems encountered in industrial water treatment, which are described as the best solution to maximise heat transfer in heat exchangers and condensers.

Conmix was established in 1975 as a joint venture between the Bukhatir Group and German-Gulf Enterprises. The Bukhatir Group is a highly-diversified conglomerate operating in various industries such as building materials, contracting, information technology solutions, real estate, shopping malls, sports, media and education.

German-Gulf Enterprises is a UAE-based engineering and trading company representing some of the world-renowned manufacturers of heavy vehicles and equipment used in the construction industry.

Conmix’s portfolio includes readymix concrete, pre-mix plaster, construction chemicals and water treatment. The company has offices and manufacturing units in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah, all in the UAE; Addis Ababa in Ethiopia; Taguig City in the Philippines; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; and Tunis, Tunisia.

Its products form an integral part of innumerable buildings and civil engineering works in the UAE and elsewhere. They are currently exported to over 30 countries.

The company’s core business is readymix concrete, which it designs and supplies to meet the exact requirements of specifiers. Through its team of experienced engineers and concrete technologists, the company can supply high-performance durable concrete for all applications and requirements.

Conmix has numerous modern computer-controlled batching plant with a combined capacity of approximately 180,000 cu m per month. Located at Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah, the plants are geographically well spread out to ensure prompt and smooth delivery of concrete to sites. The logistics of readymix concrete delivery is managed through efficient utilisation of its large fleet of transit mixers as well as mobile and stationary concrete pumps. In addition, the company can provide hydraulic concrete distributor booms, whenever required.

Conmix is a pioneer in the field of pre-mix plaster in the UAE, with state-of-the-art dry mortar plants located at Jebel Ali and Ras Al Khaimah. Its product range includes cement plasters/renders, gypsum lime plasters, decorative plasters, acoustic and insulation plasters, tile adhesives and grouts, dry concrete, specialised mortars and acrylic plasters and coatings.

Conmix also offers tailor-made products to meet specific project requirements.

In a bid to meet customer needs for quality products, the company has launched a wide range of construction chemicals which includes non-shrink grouts, concrete repair systems, surface treatments, bonding agents, floorings and coatings, sealants, waterproofing and coatings, tile adhesives and tile grouts and admixtures.

The company has its central laboratory in Sharjah and is supported by well-equipped laboratories in Dubai and Ajman. Qualified and experienced engineers, chemists and technicians carry out regular tests and formulate new products. Its technical team supports clients in installing samples, training in application, providing and maintaining machinery, product selection and troubleshooting.

“We have always been promoting new technologies that are beneficial to the construction industry. The company follows a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, and maintains quality assurance in design, development, production, installation and service. All products meet the relevant international standards,” says a spokesman for Conmix.

“We care for the environment and have embraced ‘green’ technology. Conmix has multiple production facilities with proximity to raw materials, minimising the operating footprint.

“The company has followed a policy of being environment friendly from the very beginning. We were one of the first to install filters to stop emission of dust from silos into the atmosphere and highly specialised equipment is used to recycle waste.

“Due to the exemplary quality of our products and the renowned reliability of our service, construction companies increasingly rely on Conmix as a one-stop solution for their construction needs,” he concludes.

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