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The CleanLine shower channel and the wall drain (below).

The CleanLine shower channel and the wall drain (below).

Geberit lines give a clean, flush look

December 2014

Geberit’s wall-fitted drains allow for showering in bathrooms with even floors. The versatile product can be tailored to any situation and allows pipe layouts to be placed inside the wall.

GEBERIT, a market leader in sanitary technology, is offering a wall-fitted drain that permits showering in perfectly even bathroom floors.

Integrated behind the wall, the drain is outstanding not only for its elegance but also for its clear added value in terms of planning, installation and maintenance.

“There are good reasons to decide on a solution from Geberit for even-floor showers. Whether it be wall drains, shower channels or floor drains, the assortment makes it possible to tailor the installation precisely to the building situation and the customer preference,” says a spokesman for the European company.

“The greatest challenge – the caulk – is perfectly prepared because the sealing foil is already injected at the factory, thus making it a permanent component of the product. This saves time and cuts stress during installation, and minimises the risk of leaks.”

The Geberit wall drain for showers is available not only as Geberit GIS and Geberit Duofix installation elements but also as a solid wall element. This makes it possible to place all of the pipe layouts in the wall.


Developed for optimum hygiene, the Geberit wall drain for showers features an integrated hair trap which can be removed and washed out quickly. The cleaning of the shower floor is particularly simple with wall drains. An optionally installable collector profile directly in front of the wall supports the slope and collects dirt and deposits so that they can be readily washed away.

The wall drain can be used in a range of applications in addition to new-build projects.

“The potential for using it is more versatile than you might think: the system technology makes it possible to implement a wall drain, even with renovations and where available space is limited,” says the spokesman. “The Geberit wall drain for showers is an excellent solution to meet the design preferences of the customer especially in high-quality properties.”

Another key solution offered by Geberit is its CleanLine shower channels, which combine an elegant appearance with the easy installation of a floor drain. In addition, the innovative system solves the hygiene problem many shower channels have, according to him.

“Designed for simplicity and cleanliness, shower channels are very popular with their timeless designer lines,” says the spokesman.

He adds CleanLine has another big advantage thanks to its innovative technology – it is very easy to install and just as easy to clean.

The wall drain fits well into any bathroom.

The wall drain fits well into any bathroom.

“Shower channels are often difficult to clean but not CleanLine: the dirt flows off the collector surface perfectly. And the comb insert can be removed and washed out in no time at all,” he spokesman says.

With a flexible length and placement, CleanLine can be cut to length directly at the time of installation to suit the individual showering area. The design blends with any floor and can be placed either close to the wall or in the middle of the shower area.

CleanLine has a two-piece design: a collector surface in stainless steel, which forms the visible part and a central waste trap below it, which is mounted exactly like a floor drain. Thanks to the sealing foil injected at the factory, this is firmly connected to the drain and ensures maximum tightness.

Headquartered in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, the Geberit Group produces a comprehensive range of products, designed for use in new buildings as well as in renovation and modernisation projects. It comprises sanitary systems (installation systems, cisterns and mechanisms, faucets and flushing systems, waste fittings and traps and shower toilets) and piping systems (building drainage systems and supply systems).

The company has 17 production sites in eight different countries with the main ones located in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It has representatives in 41 countries. In 2013, the group generated a sales volume of CHF2.3 billion ($2.39 billion) and had 6,200 people on its staff.

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