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The Axor Citterio E washbasin ... combining aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Axor Citterio E washbasin ... combining aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Axor launches new designer collection

December 2014

AXOR, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, has introduced a new collection in collaboration with Italian architect/designer Antonio Citterio.

Unveiled in Italy at Axor’s Milan showroom in September, the Axor Citterio E collection combines aesthetic appeal, sophisticated functionality and outstanding workmanship, says the German sanitary fittings manufacturer.

The collection is distinctive because of its contrast of smooth shapes, clean lines and precious surfaces. Soft and slender mixer handles characterise the entire collection’s design with the single-lever faucet and its modern upright joystick handle or with the three-hole mixers with their classic cross-handles. All 37 products that make up the collection share a visually appealing and harmonious look that complements a variety of styles, from art nouveau to modern urban.

Philippe Grohe, head of Axor, says: “The success story that began with the Axor Citterio collection 14 years ago, is continually evolving. Axor Citterio E is a charming combination of modern and classical features – elegant and timeless products of the highest quality that not only enhance the bathroom as a whole, but also our experience with the element of water. The result of this most recent collaboration is the ‘essence of luxury’. The products are not only characterised by flexible implementation, but also by exceptional ease of use and a pleasant touch and feel.”

Easy volume and temperature control is an important feature of the entire collection – from washbasin to bathtub and shower mixers. In their archetypal shapes, the various handles of the thermostat modules allow the user to intuitively grasp their functions: the cross-handle controls water volume and the cylindrical thermostat handle controls the temperature. In hotel bathrooms, a two-way diverter clearly indicates which shower head is currently in use.

In addition, Hansgrohe’s Select Thermostat technology – through a simple push of a button and easy-to-understand icons – allows separate control of hand, side, and overhead showers. In the bathtub, users can switch from the bath spout to the hand shower by pulling on a clearly labelled lever – even with soapy hands.



The joystick handles ... slender.

The joystick handles ... slender.

Also for the first time, Axor has launched the Axor Universal Accessories, a comprehensive system of accessories that consists of handles, bars, and shelf elements. These products can be used individually or as a systems solution in bathrooms, and to some extent, in kitchens.

This new system of accessories was also developed in partnership with Antonio Citterio and presented along with the new collection in Milan.

“Timeless, elegant design combined with outstanding workmanship distinguishes the 12e Axor Universal Accessories. Clean lines and generous surfaces indicate high worth; smooth contours and soft curves embody elegance and are pleasing to the touch. High-quality materials such as chrome-plated metal, mirrored and white glass, not only contribute to durability and hygiene, but are also easy to clean.

“Out of individual, high-quality components, visually appealing and harmonious accessory solutions are born. These can be re-arranged or complemented by adding more components if the need arises. This means customising room designs becomes much simpler,” says Grohe.

“Accessories have a significant effect on the overall appearance of a room; they are an essential part of its décor. When I design something, I strive to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For instance, bars inside the shower function as a support for other accessories and serve as towel bars outside the shower,” explains Citterio.

The products can be customised by using the in-house Axor Manufaktur. For example, products from the Axor Citterio E collection are available in six highly scratch- and cleanser-resistant PVD (physical vapour deposition)-treated surface finishes, polished or brushed: chrome, gold optic, red gold, black chrome, nickel or bronze.

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