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DuPont launches innovative surfacing solutions

December 2014

AS part of its long-term initiative called “Endless Evolution”, DuPont Corian showcased its manufacturing breakthroughs, technical innovations and new applications for its solid surfacing material for architecture and interiors at The Big 5 show, held in Dubai, UAE, last month (November 17-20).

The leading surfacing material specialist participated at the region’s leading building and construction event in collaboration with Chabros, its logistics distributor for the GCC.

Among the latest innovations showcased was its DeepColour Technology, a manufacturing solution by DuPont that enables the creation of dark solid surfaces that offer deeper, more intense and durable colour, improved wear performance and easier thermoforming, seaming and finishing.

The new dark tones are an option available for industrial companies, architects, designers and consumers looking for a solid surface characterised by a perfect combination of beauty, functionality and elegance, says a spokesman for DuPont.

Another innovation from DuPont is designed to help people to stay connected and communicate: the company is combining its solid surfacing material with wireless power to offer DuPont Corian work surfaces for homes or for public and commercial spaces that offer an elegant option to recharge a smartphone.

The unique thermoforming properties of DuPont Corian techno-surface enable the creation of three-dimensional shapes characterised by sinuous and captivating lines. “From small design pieces of an A4 dimension twisted like a piece of paper, to seamless and monolithic curved counters and to curvaceous exterior facades, DuPont Corian solid surface is able to bring the lightness of any complex design to life in a very precise way, thanks to its superior formability,” says the spokesman.

The translucent colour offering by DuPont Corian is the widest range available on the market for interior design and architecture, he adds. Advanced lighting and electronic systems incorporated within the DuPont Corian techno-surface, allow the creation of fascinating solutions that are both aesthetically attractive and highly functional.

DuPont Corian also offers an extensive colour palette including a variety of veined and textured colours with a timeless appeal.

Elaborating on the company’s new initiative, Tony Azzam, DuPont Building Innovations, regional business manager for Turkey Middle East and Africa, says: “The ‘Endless Evolution’ initiative, launched across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, encompasses manufacturing innovations, new product development, and technical and marketing programmes that will further strengthen the leadership position of DuPont Corian as a beautiful, versatile and reliable surfacing solution for the furnishing, interior design and architecture markets.”

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