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Greenheck MSEM motor starter ... can be adapted to needs.

Greenheck MSEM motor starter ... can be adapted to needs.

Greenheck MSEM ensures efficiency

February 2015

GREENHECK, a global leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement and control equipment, has launched its new fully programmable energy management motor starter that can be specifically adapted to the user’s needs.

Available for single-phase (up to15 hp) or three-phase (up to 300 hp) commercial or industrial applications, Model MSEM features a Hand/Off/Auto keypad with LCD display to easily adjust settings.

“Model MSEM offers five different control inputs including two separate auto-run inputs, permissive input, emergency shutdown and fireman’s override; two status outputs; under/over voltage and under/over power protection; and electronic overload for real-time current monitoring for motor protection,” says a spokesman for the US-based company.

For damper control, Model MSEM can be specified for 24 V AC or 120 V AC power to open the damper when the fan is commanded to start. It also has a limit switch input to ensure that the fan does not start until the damper is fully opened, he adds.

Options on the new product include ground fault protection and time delays, as well as one of four optional boards: power monitoring board, BACnet communications board, Modbus communications board, or Ethernet I/O (fault logging) board.

Additionally, Greenheck now also offers the largest Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed, non-actuated, dynamic fire dampers in the industry.

Four new dynamic fire damper models are available to protect oversized openings in buildings. These include:

• Model DFD-210, featuring a fabricated steel 3V blade type;

• Model DFD-230, which has a maximum size of 72 inches by 48 inches with a three-hour fire resistance rating;

• Model DFDAF-310, featuring fabricated steel airfoil blades; and

• Model DFDAF-330, which has a maximum size of 120 inches by 96 inches with a three-hour fire resistance rating.

Model DFD-210 and Model DFDAF-310 have a maximum size of 128 inches by 100 inches with a 1.5-hour fire resistance rating.

Greenheck has come a long way since it was established in 1947 as a tiny sheet metal shop in Schofield, Wisconsin, US. Today, Greenheck brand fans, energy-recovery ventilators, packaged ventilation, make-up air units, dampers, louvres, kitchen ventilation systems, laboratory exhaust systems, and coils are shipped around the globe.

Most of the company’s manufacturing still takes place in Schofield. Additional manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in California, Kentucky, and North Carolina in the US; China; Mexico; and Delhi’s NCR region in India.

Greenheck’s flagship ventilation products are typically found behind walls, in ductwork or on the roofs of hospitals, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, industrial plants and other commercial buildings. Their function, basically, is to move air in, out and around a building.

Greenheck is also a major, multi-brand corporation, representing a number of other affiliated entities (Accurex, Airolite, Innovent, Precision Coils, and Valent) offering architectural louvres and sunshades, specialised air-handling systems, heating and cooling coils and many related accessories and services.

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