Regional News

Softwood lumber export rises

April 2015

The overall export of US softwood lumber in 2014 increased 26 per cent over the previous year with total exports to the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region reaching $27.4 million.

The top five markets for American softwoods in the region last year were Egypt ($8.268 million), Libya ($5.245 million), Algeria ($2.981 million), Jordan ($2.252 million), and the UAE ($1.845 million). The most significant increases were seen in Algeria, which was up by 701 per cent to $2.981 million; Bahrain, up by 476 per cent to $1.115 million; Jordan, which increased by 276 per cent to $2.252 million; and Morocco, up by 150 per cent to $1.265 million.

Double-digit growth was also seen in other markets such as Egypt (66 per cent), Turkey (62 per cent), Lebanon (76 per cent) and Kuwait (36 per cent) while a marginal downturn in shipments was seen in Libya, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

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