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Valves ... high precision.

Valves ... high precision.

Universal launches Wilson Taylor range

April 2015

UAE-based Universal International, a specialist in mechanical, plumbing and door hardware products, has tied up with Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific for marketing its range of plumbing solutions in the GCC.

In line with this, it will launch a complete range of plumbing and drainage products in the coming months that will help in the construction of various upcoming projects in the region.

Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific, headquartered in Singapore, is a leading provider of corrosion control, cathodic protection systems and engineering services, and a supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures.  The company offers a complete range of high-quality floor drains, cleanouts and valves.

“The Wilson Taylor brand is launched with an objective of catering to the ever-increasing demand for high quality products at a competitive price,” said a spokesman for Universal International.

Universal ... high quality.

Universal ... high quality.

“The products have been designed and developed with that sole objective of providing the best specification and feature to the project customer and remaining competitive while doing so,” he added.

The spokesman said Wilson Taylor’s high-precision plumbing products, which are made under strict quality control procedures, can be used for commercial and residential purposes. They comply with international codes and standards; and meet all the requirements of water regulations.

Being a core engineering company specialising in corrosion control, cathodic protection systems and engineering services, Wilson Taylor’s key strength lies in its ability to develop new and innovative products, says the spokesman.  The company can also tailor-make products to address the demands of its market segment.

Being a pan-GCC distributor with a management team that has decades of expertise in understanding the needs of the GCC market and the product segment, Universal International said it is uniquely positioned to cater to the aspirations of the customers through its ability to identify the right products for the market which comply with strict quality norms.

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