Project Qatar

KTI Saudi returns with concrete cooling plants

April 2015

KTI Saudi, which offers turnkey solutions for the concrete cooling industry, will be returning to Project Qatar for the seventh time this year, where it intends to showcase its latest equipment and services to Qatar’s booming construction market.

“Project Qatar has always provided us a unique platform. Hence, we will be promoting our comprehensive range of products for the concrete cooling industry at Project Qatar,” says a spokesman for the Saudi-based company, an affiliate of the Germany-based KTI Plersch Kältetechnik.

Along with its standard flake ice plant, ice and cold water chillers, KTI will also showcase its upgraded cold air plant for aggregate cooling and its newly designed plate ice plant for other industries.

KTI has recently supplied concrete cooling equipment for prestigious projects such as the Doha Metro, work on which is now well in progress in Qatar, and the Haramain High Speed Rail Project in the Western Province of Saudi Arabia. This follows KTI’s successes in the past in supplying cooling equipment for several rail projects around the world, including the Dubai Metro in Dubai, UAE, and the Hyderabad Metro in India.

The Doha Metro project consists of several packages, which have already been awarded and that require hundreds of thousand cu m of concrete. The stations package on the metro project requires 550,000 cu m of concrete for the Musheireb and Educational City stations; Package Two for the Red Line South calls for 450,000 cu m of concrete; Red Line North, requires 550,000 cu m; and Green Line will use 650,000 cu m of concrete. The Gold Line is yet to be awarded.

KTI has supplied cooling equipment for two of the readymix suppliers to the Doha Metro project.

KTI has supplied two flake ice plants with chiller and a complete modular system inclusive of cold water tanks and supports to Ready-mix Qatar, which has been selected as concrete supplier for the Green Line,” says the spokesman.

Meanwhile, Al Majal Readymix, which is supplying concrete for the Red Line South package, has ordered a flake ice plant with a suitable chiller and mobile ice storage,
he adds.

“With such huge projects, Qatar is also one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East along with the UAE and Saudi Arabia,” he says.

KTI has also supplied cooling equipment to the contractors working on the Haramain High Speed Rail Project, which will connect the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah via Jeddah and Rabigh. Trains will run at speeds of 300 kmph on the 450-km-long railway line.

Spain-based SA de Obras y Servicios, Copasa – which specialises in mega civil engineering projects – is one of the contractors working on the project.

“Considering KTI’s expertise and satisfactory performance with the company in the past, Copasa decided once again to use KTI’s concrete cooling equipment for this rail project,” says the KTI spokesman.

KTI has supplied its combined flake ice plant with cold water plant and mobile ice storage which helps precast plants to produce concrete at 20 deg C (out of the mixer).

According to the spokesman, the Spanish company’s precast plant produces 2,000 sleepers per day, utilising about 300 cu m concrete per day. Sleepers for the first 20 km of the 200-km first phase have already been installed. Phase One requires 798,000 sleepers, out of which 140,000 are already available in stock.

KTI Plersch Kältetechnik is exhibiting at Project Qatar following its participation at The Big 5 Saudi Arabia (March 9 to 12), through KTI Saudi Arabia, and at Expo Mongolia (March 23 to 25 March) in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

The dynamic and innovative German refrigeration contractor specialising in concrete cooling and special equipment has seen phenomenal growth in the Middle East since it sold its first plant to the region in 1980s.

Over the years, the company has supplied complete concrete cooling systems for all of the mega projects in the region.  Among its most striking projects are the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is currently the world’s tallest and the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), which will replace it as the tallest, as well as the Palm Islands in Dubai. Other key projects are a causeway in Kuwait; Dubai Metro and Dubai Airport in the UAE; Hamad International Airport in Doha; Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia; and several ports in the region.

KTI offers a comprehensive range of products for the concrete cooling industry that includes water chilling plant for the total amount of mixing water; cold water tanks with pumping station; flake ice plant; flake ice storage with fully automatic ice rake and discharge system; flake ice delivery and weighing; aggregate cooling by water, for wet belt applications and in flooded silos; aggregate cooling by air; sand cooling; and post-cooling of the concrete after pouring.

With decades of expertise, KTI-Plersch Kältetechnik is considered to be the world number one in concrete cooling with more than 2,800 plants in operation worldwide.

KTI’s unique modular systems are containerised and thus mobile so that the erection and installation time on the site is reduced to a minimum. This also helps in future projects, in moving the plants from one site to another within a few days with a minimum downtime.

Among its latest innovations is the Greenline range of water chillers, which has been developed in response to demands for products that use environment-friendly refrigerants, according to the spokesperson.

“In most of the countries worldwide (even in developing countries) the use of the most common refrigerant R22 is or will be banned in the very near future,” he says. “We have developed Greenline in order to provide environment-friendly refrigerants along with economical, highly-efficient and long-lasting products for our customers.”

Greenline plants use environment-friendly refrigerants R404A and R407C and offer multi-stage cooling from +45 deg C down to less than 1 deg C with unparalleled COPs (coefficient of performance), says the spokesman.

The company recently supplied its Greenline ice water plant for one of Lafarge’s 30 readymix plants in Malaysia. Lafarge is a leader in the Malaysian construction industry, with huge facilities of cement plants, aggregate quarries and readymix plants.

The plant is located at the centre of Kuala Lumpur, and its complete closed structure makes the plant design and installation quite unusual, according to the spokesman.

Hence, being centrally located, KTI ensured that it applied environment-friendly refrigerants for the well-being of nearby inhabitants and designed and manufactured economical, high-efficient and long-lasting products for the benefits of its customer.

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