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Tiger Profiles offers premium cold storage option

April 2015

Tiger Profiles, a UAE-based roofing and cladding specialist, says it now offers a one-stop shop for erecting a high-quality and cost-efficient cold store or chiller using its premium insulated cold store panels and its newly introduced pre-engineered building system, the Tiger Engineered Building Systems (TEBs).

The premium insulated PUR (polyurethane) and PIR (polyisocyanurate) panels, which guarantee the freshness of products, are produced using patented technology, making Tiger Profiles the world’s only automated online producer of cold store panels with online camlock production, claims a spokeswoman for the Sharjah-based firm.

“The online feature ensures automated hi-speed continuous production; while cam-lock is a locking device consisting of a pin and a cam on the other side,” she explains.

“Whether it is meat, fruits, vegetables or dairy products, your promise of quality to your clients can only be achieved through the smart use of premium cold storage systems that guarantee your product remains fresh and fit for human consumption,” says a spokeswoman for Tiger Profiles.

The spokeswoman says this technology, which allows the company to guarantee quality and speedy delivery, provides excellent control of non-shrinkage and bubbling of the panel, resulting in a clean, tight fit of the panels and an aesthetic look of the end product.

“The tight fit ensures that there is minimal transfer of heat and energy loss that causes rising energy costs for end-users,” she continues. “Besides being weather-tight, and the core being approved by Dubai Central Laboratory, our panels are tested and classified as Class E against EN 13501-1:2007, they are eco-friendly and ensure premium thermal insulation and fire resistance properties.”

“A smartly-designed facility enables food processing, fermentation of produce and controlled temperature storage in the safest and cleanest environment,” she adds.

The insulated panels can be applied in dry stores, chillers, freezers and blast freezers and can be used for the storage of a wide range of food products from plant and food consumables to fish and dairy products.

Meanwhile, the TEB is an innovative pre-engineered building system that is custom designed to suit every aspect of customer needs. This comprehensive building solution includes complete engineering, design, drawing and manufacture. It comprises galvanised roll-formed frames made from high-tensile C and Z sections, with roofing and wall cladding made from aluminium and/or galvanised steel. Thanks to all the connecting bolts, fasteners and hold-down bolts/brackets, they are welding-free structures thus ensuring faster delivery and consistent quality.  The TEBs come with accessories including translucent sheets, insulation, ventilators, louvres, metal ceilings, sliding doors, roller doors, windows, gutters, downpipes, flashing and partitions and are backed by a 20-year warranty against corrosion.

“Combined with our premium cold store panels and accessories, TEB is your ideal, cost-efficient, speedy, eco-friendly and durable solution for all your cold and/or dry storage, refrigeration and chiller requirements,” concludes the spokeswoman.

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