Saudi Arabia

Doka systems in use on the project ... high performance.

Doka systems in use on the project ... high performance.

Towering assignment

May 2015


Several Doka formwork systems are currently being utilised to expedite the construction process on what is set to become the most luxurious residential building in Jeddah and the newest landmark on the Saudi port city’s famous corniche.

The 50-storey Golden Tower is targeted for completion in just two years and in order to meet this tight deadline, building contractor Al Saad General Contracting has decided on Doka as the exclusive formwork system supplier.

Doka is supplying high-performing systems such as its automatic climbing formwork SKE50 for forming works. Other systems employed include the SKE100 plus, Xclimb 60 protection screen, Dokaflex table, self-climbing Table Lifting System (TLS) and framed formwork Frami eco.

According to Doka, speed, efficiency and reliability were the decisive factors in the company being awarded the forming work.

“The use of Doka automatic climbing formwork SKE50 and SKE100 plus for pouring the building core allows for completing a 3.8-m casting section in a five-day cycle,” explains Tarek Khankan, project manager of Al Saad General Contracting. “These automatic climbing systems are raised automatically with the push of a button, thereby saving costly use of cranes and manpower.”

The SKE50 system is described as the ideal solution for the majority of climbing assignments. Because it is a single-unit climbing scaffold, the brackets and automatic climbers can be freely positioned. It can cast section heights of up to 5.5 m.



The SKE100 plus, with its high load capacity of 10 tonnes per climbing unit, also makes it possible to reposition extra payloads such as reinforcement steel, containers and concrete placing booms. “When exceptionally tough requirements are made of the automatic climbing technology, the SKE 100 system really comes into its own,” says a spokesman for Doka.

Meanwhile, with its solid enclosure, the Xclimb 60 protects workers from falling, as well as from harsh weather conditions and wind. The protection screen increases the sense of safety, thereby improving productivity and as a result ensuring unrestricted construction progress, says the Doka spokesman.

Floor slabs are being built using Dokaflex tables. “Thanks to their easy and practical set-up and high speed during lifting and adjusting, Dokaflex tables are the ideal solution for large-area floor slab sites,” he says.

Using the Table Lifting System (TLS), the Dokaflex tables are also repositioned without using a crane, while the man-handled framed formwork Frami eco allows for rapid forming of walls and columns.

High-quality formwork sheets, robust system components as well as hollow-profile steel frames with special coating improve product quality and make for a long service life, which in turn ensures high efficiency, he adds.

A Doka formwork instructor organised the set-up, while some of the formwork system was already pre-assembled by Doka employees. “Doing so allowed elements such as the tableforms to be put to use without delay. The swift progress of construction during forming and pouring work is an essential part of building completion, which is scheduled by mid-2016,” says Khankan.

Golden Tower is destined to be an architectural masterpiece on the 30-km coastal stretch on the Red Sea. The façade of the 205-m tower replicates the style and flair of historical Jeddah buildings that is then melded with accents of modern architecture. Future residents of the 50 storeys of the tower can expect to enjoy cutting-edge interior design paired with the ultimate luxury standard.

Apartments at Golden Tower range from 350 to 850 sq m in size and are characterised by high ceilings and large 18-m to 40-m wide windows that offer unobstructed panoramic views. With safety and privacy considered to be of utmost priority, private lifts will carry residents directly from the guarded parking garage into their own apartments. Swimming pools and sky gardens complete the wellness oasis at the centre of the Saudi commercial hub.

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