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Trimco ... high-performance systems.

Trimco ... high-performance systems.

Growing portfolio

May 2015


Universal Building Materials Merchants (UBM) Company, the leading Riyadh-headquartered building materials specialist, has recently added two renowned US brands to its growing portfolio, in keeping with its commitment to deliver the best products from around the world.

Products from Triangle Brass Manufacturing Company (Trimco) and National Guard Products (NGP), which complement each other, have enhanced UBM’s extensive offering of door and architectural hardware, says a spokesman for the Saudi company.

Trimco is an industry leader in high-performing door security and protection hardware for government, commercial and institutional buildings, while NGP is recognised as a premium commercial door hardware manufacturer of thresholds, weatherstrip, door fingerguards, astragals, metal edges, lite kits, louvres, and glass.

Tracing the history and growth of Trimco, the spokesman says: “For over 65 years, Trimco has manufactured the broadest array of proprietary engineered functional trim products in the hardware industry. Founded in 1949 in Los Angeles, California, the family-owned and operated independent business prides itself on quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. The company’s team of more than 100 dedicated craftsmen focus on providing a remarkable customer experience, start to finish.

 “Architects, designers and specification writers alike depend on Trimco for unique, high-quality hardware solutions. Its product lines include push/pull plates, grips and bars, door, wall and frame protection, latching and locking solutions, wrap plates, accessories, designer products, custom products and trademarked Healthy Hardware antimicrobial copper-based products.”

Healthy Hardware, in particular, is unique in the industry, he says. “These products are manufactured from specially formulated copper alloys that are registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When cleaned regularly, these registered copper alloys have proven to kill 99.9 per cent of the most virulent bacteria like e-coli, MSRA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) and staph.

Trimco ... superior workmanship.

Trimco ... superior workmanship.

“This is not a coating, but rather an all-natural, solid, copper-based alloy that will last for the life of the product. Healthy Hardware products look like stainless steel so they match other hardware products, are made in the US, and comprise pre- and post-consumer recycled materials to be eco-friendly,” the spokesman points out.

He says for clients seeking a sleek and modern line of hardware or the classic look of hand-crafted bronze, Trimco offers a wide range of affordable, high-quality designer collections including the Mastercraft Bronze Collection, the Urban Collection of contemporary levers, and Focal, a modern, yet affordable, solution for door hardware needs.

To better serve its clients, Trimco seeks to continuously innovate and evolve while never losing sight of its rich craftsman heritage. In mid-2015, Trimco will announce a new line of products utilising an anodising process for custom printing on aluminium that is highly durable.

Explaining the process, the spokesman says: “During the anodising process, which seals and hardens aluminium, details such as custom logo designs are screen printed on the metal, and the ink is pulled into the pores of the metal. Once the screening is complete, the material is put back into the final stages of anodising which seals up the pores and creates a hard surface. When finished, the surface is smooth, with the ink anodised into the metal itself, creating a durable finish that will last for years.”

Trimco is represented globally by 27 experienced, independent sales agencies and has four distribution centres across the US to ensure efficient order processing and timely delivery of product. It has a manufacturing facility in Los Angeles and a foundry in Tijuana (Mexico), which gives it the flexibility to cast custom products.

“Experts in high-performance materials like stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper alloys, Trimco has built a reputation for superior workmanship and detailing unparalleled in the architectural hardware industry. With a vast portfolio of successfully completed projects, as well as the competency and facilities capable of handling projects of any scale, Trimco is a proven and reliable partner for any custom manufacturing needs,” says the spokesman.

Custom design customers in the US include Disney Concert Hall, Chili’s, The Venetian (Las Vegas), J Paul Getty Museum (California), US Treasury Department, Boeing, Pepsi Stadium (Dallas), Microsoft, Duke University, and many others.



NGP, a premium commercial door hardware manufacturer, has built a reputation for innovation and customer focus.

With a premium placed on new product development and innovation, the company is positioned to constantly evolve in the ever-changing market. Still family owned and operated after 80 years in business, the company remains both appreciative of its rich history and focused on future opportunities.

NGP was originally founded in 1935 by Charles F Smith Sr as Memphis Window Guard, which manufactured residential window guards, ornamental iron, and screen door grills. With the advent of air-conditioning, the demand for residential window guard products began to decrease, so the company expanded into threshold and weatherstrip manufacturing. As it expanded into other markets, the “Memphis’ was dropped from the name and it was christened National Guard Products – the name it continues to go by today.

And though NGP enjoyed steady growth into the 1970s, expanding both its product line and people, the crucial factor to its success was customer service.

“Personal service turned out to be a cornerstone that allowed NGP to build a brand that resonates in the commercial door hardware market – and something which continues to a focal point even today,” says the spokesman.

The company’s manufacturing facility is in Memphis, Tennessee, where in addition to its regular range, it produces door vision lites and louvres. It also has an automated powder coating system to paint both lites and louvres in addition to outside parts. Thus, it combines lites and louvres with thresholds and weatherstripping under one roof. NGP’s 2008 acquisition, Jordan Extrusion, serves as its primary aluminium supplier as well as a premium extrusion manufacturer in the building and construction sector.

NGP products are produced to meet all relevant UL (Underwriters Laboratories), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and Ansi (American National Standards Institute)/BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) ratings and standards,” says the spokesman.

With these latest additions to its portfolio, UBM continues to build on its reputation as a total solutions provider of door hardware and mechanical products, providing a comprehensive offering, from engineering design to delivery of products and services and manufacturing.

UBM has been a leading supplier of door hardware, specialised in architectural hardware, drainage and plumbing products in Saudi Arabia for the past three decades. The company has branches throughout the kingdom supplying a wide range of specialised building materials from stock and undertakes direct import of materials for specific requirements/projects.

Established in 1979, the company has branches in Al Khobar (Eastern Province) and in Jeddah (Western Province).

UBM is an exclusive distributor of many globally recognised brands from the US and Europe. These include Dorma (Ansi and EN), Trimco, NGP, Mandelli, CES, AGB, Simonswork and Raven. The company has a skilled and experienced team of engineers in the field of door hardware.

Because of its technical capabilities, Dorma has certified UBM as a technical partner in the field of door hardware. The company has a premium showroom concept called “Porta”, to cater to the high-end requirements in door hardware. This unique door hardware boutique in Riyadh holds many reputed brands such as Rocky Mountain, Martin Pierce, Baldwin, Brassart and Frank Allart.

UBM also has a dedicated team of door hardware schedulers who are qualified to draw up the requirements in door hardware according to various Ansi/BHMA, NFPA, SDI (Steel Door Institute), EN and DIN standards. The company’s Specification and Design Centre in Riyadh is described as the ideal destination for consultants and clients seeking to gain hands-on experience on various products in the field of door hardware and mechanical products.

To keep abreast of global trends, UBM is an associate of the Construction Specification Institute (US) and the Saudi Green Building Council to ensure that is fully geared to face the new global challenges in the field of door hardware.

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