Reynaers will be exhibiting at stand G46-G52 at the expo.

Reynaers will be exhibiting at stand G46-G52 at the expo.

Reynaers to display key systems in Lebanon

May 2015

Reynaers Aluminium is participating in a premier construction exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon, which will be held next month (June 2 to 5) as part of its initiatives to reinforce the brand in the country.

The company will showcase several of its aluminium systems including the much sought-after Hi-Finity – the door with an infinite view.

Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European provider of innovative and sustainable architectural aluminium solutions including window and door systems, curtain-walling, sliding systems, sun screening, conservatories, skylights, screens and systems to incorporate blinds and ventilation grids.

“We have participated in Project Lebanon for the past three years and this fair has so far proven to be a useful platform to reach out to the who’s who in the country’s construction sector – mainly the consultants and architects for the specific aluminium systems requirements for their projects,” said Ali Khalaf, managing director of Bahrain-based Reynaers Middle East, the regional office for the company.

Some of the other systems which will be on display at the event at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Centre (BIEL) include the CP155, ES50, Sensity, CP45Pa, CW50SC, ES45Pa and CP130 PA LS curtain-walling, partitioning and door and window systems.

Reynaers focuses on meeting the technical requirements of its Lebanese customers and even going beyond that by implementing bespoke solutions that best suit them. It now has a dedicated sales manager responsible for business development and for maintaining closer ties with existing customers in the Lebanese market.

“Like all other markets, Lebanon also has distinctive requirements for the aluminium systems. Being a beautiful and scenic country enjoying pleasant weather, the Lebanese prefer openable spaces in summer and highly insulated systems for the winter season. Therefore, Reynaers’ leading systems like the sliding thermal-break systems and the recently launched Hi-Finity are much in demand in this region,” said Hussein Khalife, sales manager, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

At the other end, the thermal eco system for doors and windows is equally in demand for the more cost-conscious clientele, he explained. “This provides the company the opportunity to promote a wider product portfolio in the Middle Eastern region as most of the projects in the Gulf countries require fixed curtain-wall facades due to the high temperatures – and this is where the Lebanese market differs from these countries.”

The Majestic Tower ... Reynaers project.

The Majestic Tower ... Reynaers project.

Lebanon is among one of the newer territories under the portfolio of Reynaers Middle East. “Since launching operations in this market three years ago, business has steadily risen,” Khalife said. “What’s unique about this market is ability of the business sector to remain functional despite the problems the country faces.”

Quoting an IFP Info report, he said, despite the political and economic pressures due to the ongoing Syrian crisis, the construction and real estate industries in Lebanon remain the most attractive and promising sectors of the country’s resilient economy.

“Actually, the construction sector in Lebanon remains one of the most attractive sectors for local, Arab and foreign investors. Additionally, real estate prices in Lebanon have seen unprecedented growth due to the Syrian crisis as Syrian investors have opted to shift their funds to Lebanon rather than risk losses with the fluctuating currency. This has also caused an influx of real estate projects, thus increasing the country’s requirements for aluminium systems as well,” he added.

Several of Reynaers’ projects have been now materialised in Lebanon, where the company has been gaining a strong foothold, according to Khalife.
Among the company’s notable projects in Lebanon that have been completed recently are the Majestic Tower, El Telleh, Al Waha Building and various villa projects including Shalimar villa and the Halabi Villa.

Its ongoing projects include the Beirut 700, which will have the highly technical folding system known as CF 77 and the Yarze Villas, which will utilise the Hi-Finity sliding system.

Having established itself in most of the Gulf countries and other Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan, the company has a competitive edge in the Lebanese market that allows it to reach out to the local clientele through cross border links, he said.

“However, the business potential is much higher here than the current turnover indicates due to the regional turmoil,” Khalife pointed out.

Commenting on Reynaers’ long-term plans for Lebanon, he said: “The company is planning to set up a technical office in the country dedicated to Lebanese customers, with Lebanon being a hub for consultancy offices and architectural agencies for the entire Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.”

“Our current challenge in this market is to educate customers about the quality assurance provided by an international system like Reynaers as the market has a high level of dilution as regards usage of original accessories for any of the international systems,” he said.

Established in 1965 and headquartered in Duffel (Belgium), Reynaers Aluminium has offices in more than 30 countries worldwide.

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