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Fila’s Filano Rust stain remover.

Fila’s Filano Rust stain remover.

Fila products preserve the finest surfaces

January 2016

Fila Surface Care Solutions has launched innovative and regionally inspired new products that include a rust stain remover and silicon residue remover.

The products were launched at The Big 5 held last November in Dubai, UAE. Fila says it uses this premier construction showcase as a vital platform to introduce products specifically relevant to the Middle East market.

“Our products have been manufactured to protect and preserve the finest surfaces, including marble, porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and wood and they are greatly needed in a harsh climate in which humidity, wind and condensation have a detrimental impact on surfaces,” says Francesco Pettenon, managing and commercial director of Fila Surface Care Solutions.

He continues: “There is a high demand for our products in the region as the quality of finishes has become essential to developers. We have been listening to their feedback since our first participation in The Big 5 in 2006, and in answer to their demand we have developed two new products that are fast, effective and very easy to apply.

Pettenon ... high demand.

Pettenon ... high demand.

“Filano Rust is a ready-to-use rust stain remover applicable even on delicate surfaces. Filazero SIL is extremely effective at removing residue of silicone, glue, adhesive tape, wax and old labels from any surface.”

With the industry growth in the region showing no signs of abating, quality of builds has become paramount and surface protection and stain removal products have become essential, he adds.

With its mother company in Italy celebrating over 70 years in the material protection industry, Fila’s Middle East branch intends to play a fundamental role in ensuring that buildings in the region maintain their new-build appearance.

“We have been present in the region for more than 10 years but since opening our Dubai-based office three years ago, we have seen an exponential growth in the number of industry professionals choosing to protect the quality and finish of their buildings. They use our products to extend the lifespan of their surfaces, avoid unsightly blemishes and ultimately save cost,” concludes Pettenon.

Established in 1943, Fila is a market leader in surface care solutions. Products from its award-winning range are sold in more than 100 countries around the globe, from its main production plant in Italy and six commercial branches in Dubai, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US. Fila has been present in the UAE since 2002. Its products span from pre-grouting protectors, detergents and sealants, to after-care maintenance and stain removal solutions. They are designed for the treatment of marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain, ceramics, terracotta and wood.

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