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 The Parking Robot ... customer interface.

The Parking Robot ... customer interface.

Robotic parking comes to region

February 2016

GreenParking is now offering ground-breaking robotic parking technology developed in Germany, which addresses traffic congestion and carbon emissions issues.

UAE-based GreenParking, best known for its electric vehicle chargers and environment-friendly car-parks, has launched in the region a ground-breaking parking robot system developed in Germany.

Set to radically alter car-parking practices in the region and the world, the patented Parking Robot automatically parks vehicles based on an intelligent forklift system. It was launched at the Gulf Traffic Exhibition, which was held in Dubai, UAE, from December 7 to 9, 2015, where GreenParking was the Green Sponsor.

Sam Alawiye, CEO of GreenParking, comments: “This revolutionary Parking Robot is the parking innovation of the decade. The special forklift system parks cars according to length of stay, increases the capacity of car-parks by up to 60 per cent and replaces valet parking services completely. The increased parking spaces mean ultimate cost-effectiveness for the car-park operators and the end user enjoys peace of mind, knowing that their vehicle is in safe hands.”

The system not only parks and retrieves the vehicle by itself, but also eliminates the risk of scratches commonly received from opening doors close to other vehicles.

“User experience is greatly improved as drivers no longer have to look for a space to park or wait for a long time at the valet parking desk. To retrieve their car, all they have to do is access the dedicated application on their phone 15 minutes in advance and their car will be waiting for them at the checkout counter,” says Alawiye.

He adds: “The biggest benefit of this technology is at international airports as the system allows users to check in their luggage at the same check-in counter as their car, enabling them to go directly from their car to the airport waiting lounge. Upon their return trip, they can notify the system that they have landed and their car is ready for them as they leave the airport. This innovative system has already been installed and is successfully in use at European airports and we are looking forward to implementing it in the region.”

Alawiye believes the need for an environment-friendly parking management system such as the Parking Robot is paramount in helping to achieve the region’s bold sustainability goals.

“The Parking Robot system significantly reduces carbon emissions and harmful gases by removing traffic congestion and the need to cruise around looking for a space. Only minimal lighting and ventilation is required so the system uses less power. All these benefits reduce the impact on the environment and save on operational cost. What’s more, this innovative technology can be installed in existing car-parks of any size, which makes it very accessible. We are the sole distributor of this technology and are confident this new system will be extremely successful,” concludes Alawiye.

GreenParking operates in the UAE market as a division of FutureLink, a leading supplier in Dubai in the fields of parking management, access control, fences, security systems, barriers, EAS, shop-systems and traffic consulting.

GreenParking promotes green technologies through its smart and eco-friendly approach, continuously introducing new and innovative ideas, such as Parkchip technology instead of toxic/waste paper tickets.

It claims to be the only one-stop shop for parking in the Middle East providing design, consultancy, supply and installation of parking equipment, parking operations and valet parking services for business facilities.

GreenParking solutions include systems such as EV-chargers (electric vehicles charging stations), parking management systems, parking guidance, parking barriers, bollards, and closed circuit television (CCTV). It uses high-end German products and offers BOT (build operate transfer) services with 24/7 online customer support along with delivering professional, high-quality and affordable parking services. GreenParking ranked eight out of 100 at the Dubai SME100 ceremony held last November.

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