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Konecranes’ Hook Latch Trigger.

Konecranes’ Hook Latch Trigger.

Konecranes innovation makes hooks safer

February 2016

Konecranes, a leader in the lifting business, is offering its Hook Latch Trigger in the Middle East. The attachment assists in the fast and easy handling of hook attachments, enhancing safety and productivity.

The Hook Latch Trigger allows the crane operator to have both hands free to handle the load attachment when inserting or removing it from the hook. It is locked in open position, reducing the risk of finger, hand or back injuries.

Elaborating on the concept behind its development, a spokesman for Konecranes says: “Employees at a Konecranes service branch noticed that safety latches on crane hooks at customer sites were often deliberately broken or taped open to allow easier operation when mounting or removing chains. This practice is extremely unsafe, as there is a risk of the load falling during the lifting process.

“Aiming to provide a solution, Konecranes developed the concept for the Hook Latch Trigger, involving Konecranes customers heavily in the development process. The company is installing the new Hook Latch Triggers now as a standard feature on all Smarton and Uniton cranes, and by request on CXT cranes.”

This new safety feature can be installed in minutes to a range of existing hooks, helping to ease the daily workload of the crane operator. Key advantages of The Hook Latch Trigger include:

• Locks the latch in an open position, leaving the crane operator with both hands free to attach or detach the load;

• Lowers the risk of injuries that can occur if, for example, fingers are caught in the latch;

• Latch closes automatically after the load is attached. When used properly, the latch trigger helps prevent the risk of falling loads due to a forcefully opened safety latch.

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