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AMF’s Topiq modular suspended ceilings.

AMF’s Topiq modular suspended ceilings.

Knauf AMF offers complete solutions

February 2016

Knauf AMF, a leading European manufacturer of high-quality ceiling systems, has recently introduced its Topiq and Mondena range in the Gulf region, in line with its goal of providing complete solutions from one source.

“With the launch of AMF Topiq, a soft fibre product range, we have enhanced our position as a complete system solutions provider for modular suspended ceilings,” says Sreejith Panicker, director – operations for the Middle East at Knauf AMF.

“The features and technology of this soft fibre ceiling tile further reinforces our reputation as an established innovator in suspended ceilings, whilst at the same time strengthening our approach to application-orientated solutions,” he adds.

The technology of the Topiq product brand is based on fleece-laminated mineral tiles with an all-over finish for a diverse range of room requirements. The standard panel construction consists of an elegant fleece coating on the face of the panel, which is provided with a high-quality colour coating. Toipiq Sonic rafts consists of fleece on both faces of the panel. Additionally, the panel edges are provided with ‘strong edge technology’, a durable high-quality colour coating to match the faces.

The products are characterised by their lightweight, ease of handling, durability and excellent sound absorption performance, says Panicker, adding that the range is certified with the RAL seal of approval endorsing its superior quality.

Meanwhile, AMF Mondena is a metal ceiling available in a wide choice of systems, perforation patterns and colours.

“With 19 different perforation patterns and a wide range of RAL colours, Knauf AMF is starting its own generation of metal ceiling products,” Panicker remarks.

The range varies from square lay-in systems through free-span corridor ceilings right up to specialised individual solutions.

The Mondena corridor system.

The Mondena corridor system.

He comments: “For decades, metal ceilings have been an integral part of the world of modular ceilings. Characteristic metal material properties such as durability, high stability, resistance to odours, functional aesthetics, ease of cleaning and individual design options have helped metal ceilings maintain a high-end image.

“In particular, the striking access afforded and customised system solutions available have been the unique selling points of metal ceilings and promoted their development as a specification product.”

Panicker points out that given its ambition of providing expertise in complete system solutions and as a proactive specification specialist, Knauf AMF is making a clear commitment to long-term innovation of metal ceiling solutions with AMF Mondena.

Knauf AMF develops and produces sophisticated products for all forms of applications ranging from office buildings and for educational establishments or healthcare facilities. As a technology leader in multifunctional ceiling systems and part of the worldwide operating Knauf Group, Knauf AMF ensures its products meet the highest requirements in fire protection, acoustics, hygiene, and design. With brands like Thermatex, Heradesign, Topiq, Mondena and Ventatec, Knauf AMF today is a corporate brand identity for its expertise in complete system solutions for modular ceilings and interior systems, with high-performance product brands and portfolios that represent sophisticated quality, high dependability, and innovation.

“At Knauf AMF, we invest extensively to continually improve our innovative firepower and guarantee the ongoing development of our products and system solutions. Numerous certificates, awards and international reference projects not only demonstrate the success of our research and development but also our status as a trendsetter.

“Our aim is not only to offer system solutions and products, but also to offer on-site, target-group-specific advice and support to architects/planners, distributors, specialist contractors and developers throughout the world,” he concludes.

With its headquarters in Grafenau in Bavaria, Germany, Knauf AMF now has more than 600 employees in its 30 subsidiaries and representative offices worldwide. Its total capacity is in excess of 65 million sq m of ceiling tiles plus over 220 million linear m of grid each year.

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