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Dubai South ... masterplan.

Dubai South ... masterplan.

Dubai South deals

August 2016

Dubai South (the rebranded Dubai World Central) has awarded contracts worth Dh1 billion ($272 million) for a number of project developments in the city’s Residential District, adjoining the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

The infrastructure and design contracts have been awarded to top industry leaders, including Parsons Corporation, Atkins Global, Studio International Architects, Al Nasr, Tristar Engineering and Construction and the US-based RNL Design.

Atkins Global, Studio International Architects and RNL Design are contracted to oversee the masterplan and product design for the mixed-use development within the Residential District, which includes apartments, townhouses, schools, community facilities, entertainment, retail and hospitality.

Commenting on the investments in the Residential District, Ahmed Al Ansari, acting chief executive for Dubai South, says: “We, at Dubai South, are excited to be working with the leading companies in the construction industry to help create a solid foundation for the future homes of Dubai South residents. Our investments will take us closer to realising Dubai’s vision of becoming a city of happy, creative, and empowered people.”

The emirate’s flagship urban project, Dubai South is conceptualised to manifest the themes of happiness as set out in the Dubai Plan 2021, notes Al Ansari.

An attractive, affordable community catering to families and young professionals, the Residential District includes schools, nurseries, hospitals, retail outlets, food and beverage (F&B) options, a post office, swimming academy and a sports centre.

The pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically designed, sustainable city is designed to ensure all amenities and necessities are well within walking distance. Dubai South Residential District will have around 10,000 residential units comprising villas, townhouses and apartments by 2020, housing an estimated 35,000 residents, he noted.

Al Ansari says the overall infrastructure development of the Residential District will be completed in phases.

Work is already well under way by Al Nasr, one of the UAE’s leading diversified contracting companies, on the first section of the Residential District’s infrastructure, which will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2016.

Tristar Engineering and Construction has been awarded the infrastructure construction for the remaining areas of Phase One, with this phase scheduled to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2017.

This will pave the way for over 40 developers to expedite their developments in Dubai South’s Residential District.

In addition to awarding contracts for The Residential District, Dubai South also awarded Al Nasr with the constructing of infrastructure in Dubai South’s Logistics District as well.

Further contracts were awarded to Parsons and Kele Constructions for building the first phase of Sakany Staff Village, accommodating 20,000 residents by 2020.

UAE-based City Diamond Contracting was also awarded a contract to build a multi-purpose aerospace supply chain facility in Dubai South’s Aviation District.

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