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Manual sliding wall systems technology ... offers new design possibilities.

Manual sliding wall systems technology ... offers new design possibilities.

Geze retrofits give buildings new life

October 2016

Geze Middle East has recently launched an application programme that retrofits automation solutions into existing structures in a non-invasive and hassle-free process, thus enabling these buildings to improve sustainability and energy performance.

Called the R3 Program, the application stands for refurbishment, remodelling and replacement. The initial idea for this programme was conceived in 2014 and since then has been developed further.

Commenting on the launch, Charles Constantin, managing director of Geze Middle East, says: “From a general perspective, the expected lifetime and service life of building technology is far shorter than that of the building itself. Engineered systems such as those designed and installed by Geze need to be serviced from time to time and updated based on ever-shifting upgrades made available in the market.

“In the event that the technology becomes obsolete or cannot be upgraded, the system would need to be completely replaced or overhauled. In addition, safety technology systems would also need to be updated, upgraded or replaced and reintegrated in the event that a new law or new standards has been signed off.” 

Geze, a global leading player in building technology, provides building automation systems for doors and windows that monitor and regulate tasks such as heating, air-conditioning, lighting, environmental variables, security and appliances. When integrated in a building, these solutions can contribute to lower operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint in the long run.

The Slimdrive SL-BO at a lecture hall in Munich, Germany.

The Slimdrive SL-BO at a lecture hall in Munich, Germany.

Experts at Geze Middle East are adept and knowledgeable when it comes to building system requirements in the region. They undergo regular training with regard to the changing regulations and directives.

“With the new R3 Program, Geze’s qualified team goes through a thorough analysis and appraisal of the building’s engineering structure before providing its best recommendations of future-proof Geze products for the optimal doors and windows automatic solutions integrated within the building structure,” says a company spokesman.

Geze offers a comprehensive range of engineered systems and automatic solutions – from automated doors, upgrade of building technology, and equipment to the modernisation of a building with emergency exit solutions. And now, with Geze’s new R3 Program, clients can even choose to update their existing design to harmonise with the latest concepts.

The R3 Program is a part of Geze’s after-market business segment that deals primarily with end users. 

“Quality has never been a subject for compromise at Geze and has always been an integral part of its product and services philosophy,” says the spokesman. “Hence, when it comes to after-sales support or a reactive call out, providing a reliable, competent and highly efficient customer after-service contract is fundamental. These after-service contracts cover timely servicing of automatic systems maintained by qualified Geze technicians thus ensuring long-term safety of clients and care of the systems employed through regular maintenance. 

Geze is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of construction systems for door, window and safety technology. It offers a comprehensive range of products including automatic door systems and door technology, glass systems, smoke and heat extraction systems, safety technology as well as window and ventilation technology.

As a market innovation and design leader, the independently-managed family company has decisively influenced facility engineering and building technology with pioneering developments. These developments are constantly being driven onwards in the company’s technology centre. The highest of quality standards means that Geze products contribute towards some of the most innovative building concepts in the world and ensure convenience and security in building technology, the spokesman says.

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