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Linklease Arabia provides customers access to a wide range of heavy equipment from brands such as Zoomlion, Goodsense, and Altec.

Linklease Arabia provides customers access to a wide range of heavy equipment from brands such as Zoomlion, Goodsense, and Altec.

Ranco offers long-term rentals

January 2017

Rabiah and Nassar Group (Ranco), a distributor of Zoomlion, Goodsense and Altec heavy equipment in Saudi Arabia, has launched Linklease Arabia, a new division specialising in long-term heavy equipment rental.

A collaboration with experienced equipment rental professionals at Linklease Group, Linklease Arabia provides a brand new innovative array of services.

“By focusing on critical aspects of utilisation, asset management, and cash flow optimisation, we have the ability to match the long-term rental needs of any company in today’s ever-fluctuating business climate,” says Roy Evans, group operations manager at Ranco.

“We understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not apply to today’s challenging market and as such, have developed four unique product offerings for clients who need long-term rental/ownership structures.”

Linklease Arabia aims to foster business growth in Saudi Arabia by making it simple for businesses to acquire the use of equipment and for sellers to maximise inventory turnover.

Long-term rental enables businesses to have access to equipment without tying up capital and restricting liquidity.

“Linklease Arabia provides customers an additional route to our proven Zoomlion, Goodsense, and Altec equipment range,” says Faisal Mobayedh, commercial manager at Ranco.

“We at Linklease are excited to be collaborating with Ranco in order to help promote growth in the Saudi Arabian equipment market,” says Steve Williams, CEO of Linklease Group.

Linklease Arabia’s equipment rental solutions fall into four key categories:

• Easy Rent: This is an ideal choice for short-term rentals, according to the company. The client selects the equipment he needs for a mutually agreed monthly rental price and returns it at the end of the contract.

• Flexi Rent: This medium-term rental option allows customers to lock-in monthly rental costs in advance. At the end of the contract, the customer has the option of handing back the equipment or alternatively at any point purchasing it from the company.

• Rent to Own: If a customer thinks he’ll use a piece of equipment for the longer term, then the Rent-to-Own structure is the right choice. He pays fixed monthly rental charges for the duration of the contract and at the end gets to own the equipment.

• Equity Rent: This option helps customers use their existing assets to inject cash back into their business. The customer simply sells his equipment to the company and gets it back on rent so he can continue to benefit from the right to use it. This is a highly flexible structure with the option to return or purchase the asset during the term of the agreement.

Established in 1950 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Ranco is a family conglomerate with interests including industrial, commercial, real estate, investments, engineering and construction and services.

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