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Ultratop gives facelift for concrete surfaces

April 2017

In response to the increasing demand for industrial concrete finishes, Mapei is offering its Ultratop range of polished concrete which gives consumers the look and benefits of such a finish, especially in cases where the existing concrete slab cannot be polished due to its poor condition or wasn’t cast to the correct tolerances.

The world leader in the manufacture of adhesives, mortars and grouts has developed a new range of products that meet clients’ requirements for concrete finish.

According to a company spokesman, a variety of shades and textures can be achieved with the Mapei Ultratop range.

“The finish may appear mat, gloss, or opaque; or the material can be left natural or highly polished to expose aggregate in the material. Designs can be achieved through the addition of glass or stone aggregates to create a terrazzo-like appearance,” he says.

The Ultratop line incorporates products that are trowel-applied at a few millimetres for both floors and walls (Ultratop Loft) and self-levelling compounds that can be installed at a thickness of a few centimetres (Ultratop).

This self-levelling powder product is available in a range of colours such as light grey, white, beige, anthracite, beige rose, cream, coffee and standard.

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