Stronger than ever

April 2017

Evonik has merged its various units to form a consolidated coatings business.

Evonik Industries, a global leader in specialty chemicals from Germany, is fast turning into a leading supplier of additives for the coatings industry following its recent acquisition of Air Products’ performance materials division.

Following the acquisition in January, Evonik merged its coating additives business line, the coatings business of its Silica business line, and the specialty additives branch of Air Products to form a new business line with a focus on substrate wetting additives.

The company has its regional office, Evonik Mena, in Dubai, which was established in 1984. According to Michael Wring, president of Evonik Mena, the products of the new business line complement each other well.

“The broad range of additives for water-based coatings under the Tego brand names will be combined with Aerosil silica to control the rheological properties of paints and coatings as well as the Acematt matting agent. The acquired substrate wetting agents from Air Products under the Surfynol and Dynol brands and additional expertise on the formulation of automotive coatings in particular are the perfect complement to the coatings additives portfolio.”

Evonik’s portfolio now includes more than 500 products with a broad assortment that comprises additives, co-binders, matting agents, silicas, specialty resins, and nanoresins. Among its well known brand names are Aerosil, Surfynol, and Tego.

It also offers the Degaroute product range, which gives road marking special features such as skid resistance and enhanced visibility while its longevity makes it more reliable, environment-friendly and cost-effective. 

Evonik has worked on various projects in the road marking application with relevant authorities across the GCC, such as Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Municipality, and Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in Qatar. The aim is to enhance road safety on key highways as well as residential areas.

For industrial coatings and flooring binders, Evonik’s production is largely based in Europe and North America.

To support customers with the development of innovative surface coatings in Turkey and throughout the Middle East, Evonik opened a new state-of-the-art coating additives laboratory at Tuzla in Istanbul, Turkey, in January. It also includes a customer service centre to support customers with the development of innovative surface coatings in Turkey and throughout the Middle East.

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