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Pavers from Protile ... targeted at the high-end market.

Pavers from Protile ... targeted at the high-end market.

Protile launches designer pavers

April 2017

Bahrain-based Protile Designer Pavings has launched new designer interlock concrete pavers that replicate the natural beauty of real stone. Targeted at the high end of the residential or commercial market, these paving stones are manufactured to conform to global quality standards and provide a neater and more durable installation, says A T Biju, general manager of the company.  

Protile Designer Pavings is a newly established manufacturer of exterior and interior paving stones in Bahrain. It not only manufactures and sells quality paving stones, but also carries out installation.

“We pioneered the concept of designer paving stones in Bahrain,” claims Biju, who adds that the company has expanded the product range to include various shapes and textures of pavers, wall cladding, tiles and landscaping features.

Protile products boast a number of advantages including dimensional accuracy and greater thickness, strength and durability, supported by creative designs.

The dimensional accuracy and choices of colours and designs offered by Protile are the reasons why these wet cast stone products are considered to be world leaders, Biju points out. 

Aggregates from Ras Al Khaimah and high quality pigments and chemicals used in the production of pavings guarantee strength and longevity once installed, he explains.

According to Biju, the usual thickness recommendation for common areas is 50 mm. And while many manufacturers sell 45-mm-thick pavers, Protile’s pavers are manufactured at 60 mm as standard, with other thickness sizes available only on request.

Protile Designer Pavings does not just supply products but also provides designs that will deliver the desired end-product. “When clients want to set up driveways, patios, paths or pool paving and they are not just looking at individual pavers or tiles. We help them to select the right concrete paving. With Protile, you don’t just buy a paving block or tile; you buy a design. All our products can be used in combination with one another. This allows you to create innovative designs and themes to complement your projects. Protile’s team has the expertise to help you achieve your desired style,” he says.

Commenting on the strength of the pavers, Biju says a higher density of concrete provides superior strength. It is, therefore, advisable to take the actual weight of the various cast stone products into consideration when making a choice. The lighter the product, the less strength it will provide, he states. 

All Protile pavings have visible nibs on the sides that ensure precise installation of the product. These nibs are produced using high-tech moulds and by precision engineered masters. 

Wet cast stone has been developed over centuries to offer the beauty of natural stone without its limitations. However, one of the greatest challenges this industry faces is to produce on time, he says. Protile is well equipped with the most modern machinery and highly skilled technicians to ensure fast delivery of pavers. Its products are tested for quality that results in a durable lifespan. 

Protile products are readily available from the factory in Bahrain at an affordable price.

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