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The Hempel team.

The Hempel team.

Strata range perfect solution for concrete


July 2015

Hempel, a global coatings and paints manufacturer, has launched a new-concept concrete floor coating solution that is said to provide ultimate protection while being decorative.

The high-quality range of multi-layer flooring systems and coatings is branded as Strata, getting its name from the extremely hard parallel rock layers of the Earth’s crust.

“Concrete has been used successfully in industrial environments for many years, yet it has poor resistance to the elements,” says Mohamad Awny, Hempel Saudi Arabia business development and technical service manager. “Based on a century of experience in safeguarding assets from the harsh forces of nature in marine and protective coatings, Hempel has developed the Strata flooring range to meet the most demanding specifications, whose concept is dual as it protects and decorates floors.”

Strata is the perfect solution for parking, racetracks, warehouses, factories, stairs, industrial projects, hospitals, villa garages, food industry, malls, workshops, hotel kitchens, airports, road marking, power stations, hypermarkets, showrooms and even aircraft hangars, he says, adding that the exceptional durability provides the ultimate solution for protecting concrete floors.

He continues: “Strata is a solution system, and not just a paint. It is the result of conscientious efforts by Hempel’s research and development (R&D) department to come up with the best solution to safeguard assets from the extreme harsh forces of nature.”



The multi-layer flooring systems and coatings meet the most demanding specifications – with an eye on sustainability and lifecycle costing to reduce the need for cyclical maintenance, he points out,

Moreover, he says the Strata range of systems cover the needs of various flooring conditions and specifications, ranging from the most traditional floor protection coating consisting of epoxy sealer, solvent-free epoxy primers, epoxy coatings for light, medium and heavy traffic, anti-microbial solvent-free epoxy coating, epoxy self-levelling system, coloured epoxy screed, and epoxy putty to polyurethane coating (ultraviolet rays resistant), and road and sports ground marking systems.

The choice of Strata products for hard surfaces exposed to harsh environmental conditions is of valuable interest to civil engineers, civil consultants, flooring applicators, retailers, among others, he adds.

Strata solutions are currently being produced at Hempel plants in Jeddah and Dammam in Saudi Arabia, with plans to extend manufacturing to other Hempel plants as demand rises.

He says Hempel’s flooring specialised technical department gives proper advice to customers to choose the most appropriate system for their projects, and has even prepared a brochure on correct surface preparation.

With Strata being a solution system, and not a mere product, Hempel’s technical department team will also be holding ongoing B2B (business-to-business) seminars across the kingdom.

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