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Klima Facade ... can limit heat dispersion.

Klima Facade ... can limit heat dispersion.

Maximising insulation

May 2017

Ventilated facades offer numerous benefits including resistance to fire, dust, and humidity as well as better durability, as RAK Ceramics points out.

RAK Ceramics sees ventilated facades as the best solution for maximising insulation while reducing unwanted condensation or thermal bridge problems.

“A ventilated façade is a cladding system which incorporates a ventilated chamber between the cladding (façade) and the building insulation,” says a spokesman for the UAE-based company.

These façades provide excellent thermal-hygrometric solutions while offering a number of other benefits including the elimination of cracked coverings, no risk of detachment from the wall, easy on-site installation and excellent sound-proofing qualities.

Ceramic ventilated façades are fire-resistant and extremely durable being resistant to water, dust, humidity or extreme hot/cold temperatures. They are also very easy to maintain as maintenance can be carried out on individual tiles if necessary. 

“Using ceramics to cover building exteriors is not a new trend and has been popular with architects for many years. Highly resistant to changes in temperature, thermal shock and external pollutants, ceramic tiles are a hard-wearing and long-lasting solution,” he says.

Ceramic ventilated facades ... fire resistant and durable.

Ceramic ventilated facades ... fire resistant and durable.

RAK Ceramics offers a wide range of ceramic solutions for building exteriors, providing designers with an extensive variety of marble, cement, wood and stone designs, all of which can be applied to enhance the look of building exteriors.

These include Maximus Mega Slab ventilated façade system, made from highly durable super-sized porcelain and suitable for both new and renovation projects. Its layered composition optimises energy performance, reduces the heat/cool air dispersion through the walls and meets building energy requirements, he says.

“RAK Ceramics is the first manufacturer in the region to install Sacmi Continua+ technology, enabling the production of super-sized slabs such as Maximus Mega Slab,” the spokesman points out.

He adds Maximus Mega Slab is RAK Ceramics’ most versatile product yet and it can also be used on walls and floors or to replace kitchen or bathroom surfaces.

RAK Ceramics’ latest development is Klima, a new line of thermal tiling products. These include a range of energy-saving ceramic façades, warmth-generating ceramic floor tiles for indoor use, and cooling ceramic products for outdoor use which are resistant to heat from the sun and help to keep outdoor spaces comfortable. When used as an external ventilated façade, Klima helps limit heat dispersion while maintaining a steady indoor temperature, providing an innovative solution that helps reduce room energy demands.

“RAK Ceramics has a solid reputation for providing integrated ceramics solutions with attention to every detail, no matter how large or small,” the spokesman says. “It is known for its wide product range and the ability to produce bespoke ranges for both small- and large-scale projects, enabling its clients to bring their ideas to life.

“RAK Ceramics has always invested heavily in research, development and the latest technologies to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of ceramics’ production globally.

“This innovative approach has made RAK Ceramics one of the world’s largest ceramics brands, evolving from being a manufacturer of functional ceramic products to becoming a provider of comprehensive quality ceramic lifestyle solutions,” he concludes.

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