MSI ... enables greater automation in steel fabrication and manufacturing.

MSI ... enables greater automation in steel fabrication and manufacturing.

Voortman points way to automation

July 2017

Voortman Steel Machinery says its latest ‘Multi System Integration’ (MSI) helps achieve true automation in steel fabrication and processing.

MSI is a total integrated solution, where each Voortman machine is equipped with its own state-of-the-art Vacam control software. By interconnecting the handling systems and the software on the machines, a virtually integrated production system is created, says a spokesman for the Netherlands-based company.

Industry 4.0 is the next level in automation, where everything is connected at all levels of the value chain thus enabling clients achieve greater automation in their production process in steel fabrication and manufacturing.

“The whole system is equipped with additional detection and sensors to monitor every operation and motion, enabling you to see where products are located during the entire production process and in what state they are. This greatly increases the productivity while man-hours are being saved and enables the operator to control the whole system on his own,” he explains.

Other advantages of the Voortman software system is that it allows the operator to monitor the current situation from the office and thereby keep abreast of the entire process. Besides this, the software also enables Voortman customer services to solve 90 per cent of all requests remotely. In addition, the Voortman machines automatically select the best route to process steel.

Voortman Steel Machinery is part of the Voortman Steel Group, which consists of several highly innovative and international companies active around the world. It designs, develops and manufactures machinery for steel fabrication and processing-related industries. 

Voortman has had thousands of its systems installed by many satisfied customers in various countries.

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