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The BF135.8 and MB-S18 ... at work in the quarry in Saudi Arabia.

The BF135.8 and MB-S18 ... at work in the quarry in Saudi Arabia.

MB Crusher powers ahead

October 2017

MB Crusher’s products are being used by operators across the region, helping them save time and costs in their mining and demolition operations.

In its quest to find new solutions to recycle inert waste at low cost, MB Crusher has created a product range that allows companies to manage the full cycle of crushing and recycling at the site, thus simplifying crushing, screening and handling of aggregates while saving time and money.

“Crushing and recycling has become a key aspect of mining and crushing operations and the need to make the most of all available material has prompted astute operators to use the waste material which once was simply piled up, thrown away or brought to a disposal site,” says Najmeddine Sahraoui, Deputy General Manager of Middle East and Africa for the Italian manufacturer of equipment, machinery and accessories for the earthmoving, demolition and recycling sectors.

MB crusher buckets’ versatility of use and advantages have enabled companies to significantly boost their production levels. The crusher bucket tackles the material directly on site and allows the product that requires crushing to be collected by placing it in a mound on the truck or on the site to be filled in, thus speeding up operations.

Using exclusive and patented ‘Made in Italy’ technology, MB crusher buckets can process all extracted material, in order to render it reusable directly on-site or sold for other applications. The precision of production allows for materials which were previously disposed off to now be processed in calibrated batches, which can be resold or reused on site, thus making optimum use of the material that has been mined from the quarry, he says.

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The BF90.3 works on coral rocks at Farasan Island.

There are many projects and sites all over the GCC where MB Crusher’s products have been successfully involved.

At Saudi Arabia’s Farasan Island, a large group of coral islands in the Red Sea, a BF90.3 crusher bucket has been used to crush coral rocks to a size of 2 cm to be reused for backfilling in excavations following the laying of sanitation networks.

Also in Saudi Arabia, two MB Crusher machines – a crusher bucket BF135.8 and a screening bucket MB-S18 – have worked in a big quarry, crushing inert material that has been reused for the construction of in the new metro in Riyadh.

MB products have been used elsewhere in the region. One of the recent projects took place in Lebanon. A very important cement factory gave the contract to crush basalt into very small particles of 3-4 cm to one of its subcontractors. The contracting company saw itself in trouble when their foxed crushing unit was stopped and risked being phased out of this job.

However, the company found a solution thanks to MB Crusher’s bucket BF90.3, supplied by MB local dealer, says Sahraoui. “They tried the crusher bucket on their site and the results were excellent. They were able to crush the basalt stone into smaller and easily fractured stones to be reused for cement operation. The MB crusher bucket indeed proved to be a saviour for the client against its crushing licence interruption,” he adds.

Also in Lebanon, a client in the excavation field used the BF90.3 crushing bucket to crush limestone, which has been recycled and sold as aggregate for buildings.

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