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The WV-SFV781L camera ... ultra-high-definition.

The WV-SFV781L camera ... ultra-high-definition.

Panasonic offers all-round protection

August 2015

Aiming to cash in on the surging global demand for security equipment, Japan’s Panasonic is set to introduce some new and exciting products during the upcoming exhibitions.

Among its latest products are its 360-degree integrated solutions that will effectively cater to all indoor or outdoor facilities, says the global leader in security solutions with technological breakthroughs that span over 50 years.

“There is a growth in demand for surveillance technology in the region as the local governments are strongly committed to providing residents and industries with security and protection at all times. In line with this robust demand, we have introduced our 360-degree integrated solutions,” says Hayashi Noriyuki, senior manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMEA).

He says the WV-SFN480 and WV-SFV481 360-degree cameras provide a 360/180-degree field of view, delivering very detailed nine megapixel images with a fish-eye, panoramic and de-warped view. They are described as being ideal for surveillance applications that require wide-area coverage such as shopping malls, retail stores, airports, railway stations, parking lots, factories, warehouses, offices and more.

Likewise, Panasonic’s brand new ultra-high-definition WV-SFV781L/WV-SPV781L 4K security cameras provide crisp and clear images, says Noriyuki.

“These outdoor 4K security cameras offer extremely high picture quality for detailed wide-area monitoring with a single camera, with one-seventh the file size of other 4K cameras, thanks to our compression technology. These are vandal-resistant and packed with a multitude of groundbreaking features,” he says.

Quoting recent reports, Noriyuki says global demand for security equipment is estimated to grow seven per cent annually, reaching $117 billion by 2016.

And in line with these global trends, the Middle East physical security market is expected to be worth $10.9 billion by 2020, from its 2014 level of $3 billion, growing at a phenomenal 23.7 per cent, double the global average rate. By 2020, the Middle East will represent 10 per cent of the global security market, says Noriyuki.

The demand is driven by the surge in infrastructure development and business

He says in general, companies around the world are bullish on the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market, since the region is ideally located and offers lucrative opportunities for investors and global companies in a rapidly expanding industry.

For Panasonic, the Middle East, Egypt and South Africa are key markets.

“This is a very dynamic and high-potential market with a growing demand from governments for high security solutions. Individuals have also become more aware of home surveillance and security products. We see a robust growth for the region’s security market in the coming years,” he says.

Panasonic aims to keep up with this demand and to be able to provide the latest products for companies and individuals within this market.

“In response to the increasingly demanding security landscape to protect people, property and assets in the region, Panasonic offers cost-effective security solutions for a wide range of verticals including public premises, retail and mall facilities, banks, airport, buildings, transportation industry, energy and education sectors,” says Noriyuki.

Panasonic’s extensive range of security products including network cameras, face recognition technology, control room security products, fire alarm systems, video intercom, home security products and the arbitrator HD (high-definition)/wearable cameras are all aimed at providing security solutions to meet the clients’ wider requirements.

“Keeping with our legacy of innovation, we engineer purpose-built technology that offers unmatched quality, image clarity and the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership,” Noriyuki stresses.

He adds: “Customers in government, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small, depend on integrated solutions from Panasonic to reach their full potential, achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes. The complete suite of Panasonic solutions range from security and surveillance systems to visual display solutions and more.”

As a result of its commitment to research and development, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions for residential, non-residential, mobility and personal space.

Commenting on business, Noriyuki says: “The total sales for Panasonic Middle East and Africa for 2014 have been positive and have shown double-digit growth and the company is targeting similar growth in the coming years as well.”

Being a customer-centric company, Panasonic every year introduces products that incorporate the latest technologies. “This has worked very well for us especially for our consumer portfolio of products,” he says.

“Year-on-year we have managed to meet and successfully surpass the expectations of our consumers. We are confident of our product offering and we are in no doubt that demand for our products will continue to grow. The UAE is one of the key markets for Panasonic and we have placed a great deal of emphasis on bringing the latest technology and products to all consumers.”

Panasonic will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, and the company is looking forward to winning the confidence of its customers through innovative products.

The WV-SPV781L provides crisp and clear images.

The WV-SPV781L provides crisp and clear images.

“Our range of products and solutions not only deploy cutting-edge technology but also maximise the ease and comfort level of the user while taking care of the environment,” says Noriyuki.

“Apart from our B2C (business to consumer) product line-up that we are popularly known for, our B2B (business to business) products with path-breaking solutions have been an integral part of our DNA. Integrating our expertise in B2C and B2B, we wish to give our consumers in all walks of life – be it home, office, education, hospital, aviation, automobile and security, or whether it is a complete town or a city – a smarter way of living.”

Over the years, the company has been successful in implementing its broad range of solutions across a wide variety of industries. Its products have been used in sectors like governments, universities, hotels, residential units, transportation and luxury retail outlets alike.

“We have provided a complete suite of video surveillance solutions to Dubai Festival City, including the Intercontinental Festival City and the Crowne Plaza, to name a few. Likewise, one of our recent achievements includes providing surveillance solutions to the Ritz-Carlton in Egypt,” says Noriyuki, adding that the company is positive about “many more projects where Panasonic’s products and solutions would be implemented in the coming years”.

Looking to the future, Noriyuki says: “We will continue to expand our line-up and brand presence and will develop local-fit products which cater to the specific needs of the market as well as to individual customer needs. Our mission is to provide ‘A better life, A better world’ through our high-quality products and services.”

While there are currently no plans to expand, Noriyuki says that “if the situation demands and if the scope of business increases where we might need to expand our team, then we shall look at expanding the facility”.

Based in Japan, Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications.

PMMAF is the regional headquarters for Panasonic in the MEA region and has been based in Dubai since 1996. It has now evolved into a full subsidiary and a one-stop destination. In addition to sales and marketing functions, PMMAF is responsible for the enhancement and development of the corporate brand image and presence of Panasonic in the MEA region. Advertising, branding activities as well as extensive customer service are also among the key primary functions at PMMAF.

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