TigerTurf launches innovative turf system

August 2015

Leading manufacturer TigerTurf UK has launched a multifunctional and environment-friendly synthetic turf system that reduces waste accumulated by 3G pitches that come to the end of their natural lives.

TenCate Ecocept is an innovative new type of porous base specifically developed for synthetic turf playing surfaces. Through a unique combination of recycled materials, Ecocept prevents the need for waste materials to go to landfill while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of new pitch installations.

The new base layer integrates seamlessly with all TigerTurf synthetic products with the additional benefit of a load-bearing capacity designed to reduce or eliminate the need for a conventional thick layer of crushed stone.

The Ecocept porous base also boasts capillary action, meaning it has superior lateral drainage capabilities so that costly trenched drainage below the field is no longer needed.

Crucially, the innovative system offers cradle-to-cradle recyclability, with up to 90 per cent of the base layer made from otherwise landfilled products such as end-of-life waste plastics and a rubber crumb infill. This has the potential to save as much as 140 tonnes from landfill for each full-size pitch installed, according to a spokesman for the company.

With TigerTurf’s Total Turf 60 XQ already approved by Fifa, TigerTurf can now offer a fully certified and eco-friendly synthetic turf solution for clubs and sites looking to reduce their impact on the environment without compromising on performance, he says.

TigerTurf, which has an office in Dubai, UAE, has carried out a number of projects in the region. Among them is the Al Sadeem Sports Centre, which aimed to create a leading football academy for players of the ages eight to 18 in the Middle East on the Yas Marina Circuit East Entrance.

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