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Dynapac ‘s latest CC1200 roller ... sporting the new livery.

Dynapac ‘s latest CC1200 roller ... sporting the new livery.

Dynapac rolls out sixth gen asphalt compactors

February 2018

Following a change of ownership and launch of a new identity, Dynapac has introduced the new CC1100/CC1200 roller range, as part of its sixth generation of small asphalt rollers.

It has been designed to meet the construction industry’s tough conditions with the operator in mind. Its cross-mounted engine in combination with excellent visibility and massive casted forks with built-in flexible lifting/towing/tie-down possibilities results in a robust, comfortable and modern machine for best compaction results, says a spokesman for Dynapac, now part of the Fayat Group.

The machine is powered by a durable, fuel-efficient Kubota diesel engine which reaches unbeatable performance with maximum up-time. Also offered are engine alternatives, which meet the engine emission regulations worldwide, such as a stage IIIA/T4i 26 kW engine for markets not yet having the T4f emission legislations or ultralow sulphur fuel.

“By moving the water tank to the rear part of the machine, we have managed to develop a machine with a unique design with a cross-mounted engine in combination with excellent visibility over the drums,” says the spokesman. “The robust engine hood is designed for optimal view over the front drum. The optional sliding seat of 210 mm in combination with the engine hood design gives the operator the best sliding possibilities and visibility on the market. The optional ROPS (rollover protective structure)-mounted working lights in LED will additionally give very good visibility during night-work.”

A mechanical adjustable off-set function gets an off-set of the front drum up to 50 mm. This makes it easier to compact close to walls and curbs without risk of damage to the machine. The drums have tapered edges giving a smooth surface compaction. The increased drum diameter ensures the asphalt is not shovelling in front of it, creating transversal cracks.

The machine features high frequency compaction with the possibility to choose between dual frequencies depending on different conditions and applications.

The design of the pressurised sprinkler system facilitates a smooth and reliable compaction with maximum uptime. The rollers are equipped with a sprinkler system with its easily accessible sprinkler pump and filter (above the rear drum) and sprinkler bars including three sprinkler nozzles on each drum. Automatic Water Control (AWC) is standard on all machines. The water tank can hold as much as 205 litres. A three-stage filtration system, meanwhile, ensures clean water and prevents clogged sprinkler nozzles.

The new roller features a spacious and vibration-damped operator platform, seat with weight adjustment and armrests to ensure operator comfort even during long working days. The new instrument-panel with keypad buttons and a display showing the most important functions facilitate the driver to operate the roller in a controlled way. Interlock is standard on all machines ensuring no accidental starting. Failsafe brakes applies automatically if needed.

Fast and easy transportation between jobsites increases the operator´s time efficiency. The design has resulted in flexible lifting/tie-down/towing possibilities built-in in the casted forks thus enabling fast and easy transportation. The total machine length including the ROPS – which is easy to fold – is 2,400 mm which means the roller can be cross-loaded on a truck enabling twice as many machines to be accommodated on a truck.

Easy serviceability has also been a target in the design work. The engine hood is large and possible to fully open almost 90 degrees for full accessibility.

The Dynapac brand became part of Fayat’s portfolio last October when the France-headquartered group acquired the road construction equipment division of Atlas Copco, which manufactures rollers for asphalt and soil applications, and pavers and planers under the Dynapac trade name.

Through the acquisition, Fayat further strengthens its strategic position in the road construction and maintenance equipment segment. Dynapac will continue to operate as an autonomous manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Dynapac has presented its new visual product identity, consisting of three main colors: red, white and grey.

“Red has always been a significant colour for Dynapac, and when investigating the brand values, the red colour was among the top recognition factors,” says Herman Matthyssen, vice-president marketing.

“The new colours also underline the uniqueness of the Dynapac brand, now part of the Fayat Group,” he says. 

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