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Geze Cockpit is a smart solution

February 2018

With the new Geze Cockpit building automation system and interface modules, Geze has merged together traditional technologies in building automation with modern innovative solutions for the integration of automated doors and windows.

“Intelligent building automation systems can significantly reduce energy consumption and even bring down operational costs in the long run without sacrificing comfort,” comments Charles Constantin, managing director of Geze Middle East.

Cockpit can be used to centrally control and monitor all Geze products in the areas of door, window and safety technology with the use of separate software applications. Within this category, the BACnet and KNX – the two most popular, open communication protocols in building automation in the world – can be installed and utilised together.

The BACnet building controller enables the simple integration of Geze Cockpit into the building management system across all product categories, says Constantin.

He further adds that for the first time the ‘complete intelligence’ of the products can be incorporated into the building network with the new system; doors and windows can be controlled ‘intelligently’ together with other components of the system.

Data exchange between the Cockpit module and the integrated doors and windows is carried out via the IO 420 BACnet interface module. Further networking optimisation of the automated window systems that can be integrated into a building automation system can be achieved by installing the standard KNX protocol.

In addition, the chain and spindle drives of the IQ windowdrive series can be integrated as direct bus participants in a KNX building system via the award-winning IQ box KNX interface module, for controlled, natural ventilation, he adds. This means that automated windows can also be intelligently monitored and operated from a central location.

Overall, Constantin says, Geze offers building automation systems for all building types, sizes, and for every use. Thanks to the company’s robust open communication standards and interfaces, users can integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines including centralised, intelligent energy management and highly efficient and innovative energy and cost saving functions.

The Cockpit control and related product categories were officially launched in the Middle East last year.

Geze is a global leader for door, window and safety technology products and systems. Every day millions pass through doors equipped with the overhead door closers from its TS 5000 series and enjoy the barrier-free convenience of automatic door systems, such as the Slimdrive and Powerturn lines. Geze also provides window and ventilation technology products.  

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